Sponsored by Wayfair: Cotton Candy Cock(Mock)Tails!


Let’s get it started!

Obviously, the critical component of this set of recipes is the cotton candy machine and flossugar. So you can make cotton candy.
Hot Fruit Punch!


equal parts lime La Croix and your choice of fruit […]

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Hot Sauce

So by now, the entertainment media has sliced and diced Beyonce’s Lemonade every which way it could. And we found out that the name of her bat (god damn, I am dead) is Hot Sauce. […]

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OMG YOU GUYS, I’m a Yoga Teacher!

Finally after what seemed like forever and no time at all, I did it. My 200 hours were logged, I passed the exam. I passed the practicum.

I’m a certified yoga teacher.

I haven’t been so proud […]

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The only time I haven’t been terrified to drive since February

Bless that sweet little red car above. My friends that let me drive around in cars every now and then set me up with that nice Mazda 3 hatchback for a week.

And that was why […]

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Sponsored – Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Refresh with Wayfair

Bathrooms are hard. Especially with kids. We have two bathrooms in the house. One that is in the basement, so it basically never gets used. And the main bathroom upstairs which is like 60 square […]

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