Derby 2.?


While I joined up with a derby team all the way back in the summer, it isn’t until now that I really feel comfortable calling them my team.

I think some of the better roller derby experiences I had have been when traveling and dropping in with other teams. Maybe they were on their best behavior or maybe they were just as supportive as they all seemed. No matter the case, they were awesome.

Now I’m on one of those awesome teams.

And the workout! Oh lawdy! I am so excited about the fitness factor. Our practices are designed to help us build our fitness while keeping it safe.

Both my right and left side body were worked during my first couple scrimmages with the team.

And let’s talk cardio for a second. This is explosive cardio. Yet, the way our league runs, you can pull back and listen to your body without being chastised. The beauty of a rec league. I really love that because it’s such a yogic way of living.

Speaking of which, here’s some of us having fun after practice doing standing pigeon.


Did you notice my new leopard print pads! Heck yeah! It’s only been a gajillion years since I invested in new protective gear (which I now know was insane). They made the biggest difference. No more bruised and swollen patellas. Woo!

It really took the worry out of getting hit. I’ve always been able to take a hit and fall, but now I can do that and not get injured. Ah, magic!

XOXO Rebs. See ya next week!




Be Somebody

Dunc and Nic

I’m going to keep this simple. The easiest thing in the world you can do is just show up. That picture above is of Duncan and his former speech therapist, Nicole. She means the world to him. They haven’t even “worked” together for over a year. But Duncan loves her. He knows her, and considers her one of his best friends.

Now here’s me getting misty-eyed. Nicole came to our annual trick-or-treat this past weekend. All she had to do was show up and hold that kid’s hand for less than two hours. It meant everything to him.

He had no interest in holding my hand or dad’s, which was fine so I could take pictures of everyone. And now he can’t stop talking about his best friend, Miss Nicole.


Sometimes, I think it can probably be hard to remember how important we are as people. But I promise you, at the very least, you are somebody to someone.


If you are a parent of a kiddo who may need some help with speech, it turns out that my beloved Miss Nicole is currently taking on new kids. At the very least, check it out. She’s at the Glendale, CO location. And amazing, obvs.



Minted for those wedding day touches

*This is a sponsored post* 

I think it’s easy to forget about how important beautiful day-of wedding items can be. Especially paper items. Well, I’m here with a story today that is not only going to melt your heart, but also illustrate why those wedding day paper items are so important.


A wonderful friend of mine just got married. WOOO! Congrats. She did her entire wedding stationary through Minted. She was really impressed with their customer service, product and well quality. I was all, duh.

But seriously, Amy is a very meticulous person, so it was amazing to see her happy with a company that was creating basically her wedding brand. And that’s what stationary sort of is, right?

Amy (I’m purposely omitting her husband’s name for a reason. He likes to stay off the grid.) ordered her programs from Minted. And I know you may be thinking right now that programs are glorified fans during the ceremony. But you’d be mistaken.

Not only were her programs a beautiful compliment to the wedding branding, but in the end, one special program became a canvas for a wish of love to the newlyweds. Amy’s husband’s six-year-old niece wrote them a poem on her program. Then she read it to them during the reception.


That shit brings a tear to my eye. Not only is it a beautiful moment of hope and two families really coming together, but it’s the beauty of having a wedding in the first place. The kids at weddings are what make weddings worth it. Over the years, those tiny hands, tiny feet at weddings are what it seems we end up talking about.

The poem reads: “Roses are red, violets are blue. Love is in the air and have a happy time too.”

I love paper goods. Like, love them. Clearly, Amy matched her suite. The menus, the invitations – she could have even done a minibook!

As it turns out, Minted makes really lovely place cards as well. She had a brunch so it wasn’t needed, but Minted did have a perfect match place card for Amy’s wedding brand. All of her paper would have been in perfect harmony. I love details like that.

What a beautiful touch.

Minted Place Card

Again, Amy was one seriously satisfied customer. It wasn’t until after I got her Save the Date that I called her up and told her I was thick as thieves with Minted. Then I started obsessing over all the stuff she was sending out. I was sad to return a regrets RSVP, but at least it was a beautiful one!  And I drew a #peepee on it for good measure. I mean, c’mon, you don’t turn down a wedding and not draw a #peepee on the RSVP. Because, manners.

Happy wedding planning and may you end up with a gem like that poem.


Just a heads up, this post does contain affiliate links, so should you purchase any of the products linked to from here, I may receive a commission.




Wayfair Giveaway and The Meanest Halloween Decor Ideas!

*This is a post sponsored by the lovelies at Wayfair.* 

Wayfair has become my favorite place for seasonal decor. They have a very cool “Shop The Look” section where you can source ideas. Awesome! I found so many ideas that I could make my own.

No spiders, or webs. I have a service to prevent that ish, so we decided to go in a different directions. Oh and yeah, that is Pantone’s Color of the Year on those gourds!


My doorway. I’m not into spooky or scary, so I wanted fun.


ModPodge pumpkins with black beads


Could be my last chance to really use some Radiant Orchid, so I DID!


Paining on a pumpkin is actually a touch tougher than one may think. :)


Added some fun scarecrows to the front flower boxes


My table centerpiece


I made some fun cloth coasters for seasonal beers


My cousin brewed the beer himself!

I would really love to have you all jump in this amazing contest that Wayfair is sponsoring. They’re hosting a Halloween photo contest so you can show off your decor! How awesome! But wait there’s more! (that was my informercial voice.)

Wayfair is giving away a $500 dollar gift card to the winner of the contest.

Go here to enter the contest

Go right now. Obviously, the content closes on Friday Oct. 31st. There is no purchase required. Just go show off some awesome Halloween stuff.

  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

prAna Fair Trade Sweater Swoon for Fair Trade Month!

*This post and giveaway is sponsored by prAna for the #BeFair campaign and Fair Trade Month.*

Here it is October 20th! My word. I can’t even believe it. And Fair Trade month is nearly over. So I wanted to really celebrate it with a bang and my pals at prAna are helping make that happen.

With a GIVEAWAY!! Whoop woot, whistle stop!


Meet this gorgeous sweater from prAna’s Fair Trade collection. It’s the Ivona Top in Barnwood. And it’s up for grabs!

Let’s talk product for a second. #1 this sweater is not made of wool, which means that I can actually wear it. (Yeah, it’s super sucks being allergic to wool.) It’s midweight and made of 100% organic cotton. You know, dream cotton.

You can use it as part of a layer, which is exactly the sort of thing you’d do in Colorado. You can also rock this bad boy alone and look casual or dress it up with a skirt and some boots. Holy my oh my!

I picked the Barnwood color to show off to you all because it pretty much looks like Denver right now. Absolutely beautiful.


The collar really gives it that extra touch of something special, no?


The sleeves and bottom hem both have a raw edge. You will not look like Felicity (awww, memories!) in this sweater. However, you will look fabulous.

And the most special thing about this sweater is that it’s a Fair Trade product. This sweater supports the quality of life all people deserve. Fair wages, high-quality working conditions and community building.

So, how do you win?

It’s your turn to tell me why you pick, or will make an effort to start picking, Fair Trade products. I mean come one, we’re talking coffee, chocolate, clothes, etc. There are so many ways you can swap out at least one item for a Fair Trade item in your life. Check out the prAna Fair Trade collection for even more ideas…

Leave you answer in the comments and a winner will be selected at random. The comments close on Friday October 24th at midnight and I’ll announce the winner when I wake up Saturday. (That’s my sleep in day, kids, so don’t expect anything before noon!)

I hope you are all well and I cannot wait to read your comments!

UPDATE! We have a winner!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 8.28.59 PM


That’s you, LaTanya! I’ll be in touch! XOXO