#TicketStub Tuesday: Hayden

I’d been toying with the idea of going down a fun nostalgic path and talking about my old ticket stubs from concerts. Mostly from the mid to late ’90s. I’m sure at some point someone reading will have either been at the show, too or wish they would have been. Those days were all about catching live shows and as you’ll see, getting autographs. What can I say, I was a music fan and couldn’t play guitar or sing at the time for shit.

Today, to kick off the inaugural post, it’s a little known Canadian singer-songwriter, Hayden.


Apparently this was on June 25, 1998. He may have been pretty  unknown, but he was one of  my absolute favorites. Still is. He’s one hell of a musician. I don’t know what his formula for longevity has been, but he’s still creating great music today.

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Back To School Lunches

Oh, Back To School time. Seriously, as parents some of us welcome this with our arms open wide. It signals a coming change in seasons, some great new opportunities for the kiddos to learn, and my favorite which is a new chance to really nail it with my son’s lunches.

We struggled a ton last year. The boy would eat something for a week then be bored and stop eating. He’d come home famished and then need a snack which would in turn ruin his appetite for dinner.


Our new strategy this year is to keep his lunches so creative and ever-changing that he’ll have to be excited.

I think we’re up for the challenge. I mean last year my husband invented the bologna wrap. Yeah, barf. But the kid ate it for weeks straight.

Our home garden has flourished this year, so it’s a great opportunity to make sure he has food from the garden packed every day.

LOL, please don’t mind the weeds. It’s an ever long battle to even maintain a small amount of control over them.

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Skate park



Today the boy and I went to another skate park. It’s a thing I’ve decided to teach myself. Yeah, at 35.

Sort of building on yesterday’s post. I really wish there was a female community that skated these bowls here in Denver. What I’m saying, is that I was inspired to take this up, and now I just wish I had a group to do this with.

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#PinkBoss: When You Don’t Have Anyone To Look Up To

Today I was at my friend Jason’s graduation party. Masters Degree. Damn. That’s unheard of from our parts. I am still completely beaming with pride for him. And it really got me thinking about what inspired him, what moved him forward to get that degree? I can’t think of a single person that we grew up with who had a Masters. My teachers were probably the only folks I knew with Bachelors. (sorry, AP folks. Not even trying.)

YOUI’m the mother of a boy. So everything I learned during my 20s to inspire young girls during skating derby and the like, I just have. The boy is in a different world. He’s already born privileged. And that’s okay. I mean, it is what it is. He can’t help, nor can I, that he’s a boy. So All I can do there is just raise him up right. Continue reading


Last week I got back from Los Angeles after presenting Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks at IdeaWorld’s Blogfest.

First I’m going to say that I got 24 pieces of earned media (that I was able to find) from presenting. Goodness. So career-minded people, go present. It’s a big deal.

Secondly, man, LA is for the birds. What a shithole. But my hotel and the conference center were dynamite.


I’ll have a side story for you later, but today it’s all about Blogfest.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.34.49 PM

I had a slot right after lunch and I knew I was about to put everyone to sleep with SEOzzzzz. So we had a little dance party to start. We danced and sang to Pharell’s Happy.

IMG_3094 (1)

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