Minted Foil-Pressed Business Cards Just in Time for Alt 2015!

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Whether your in the market for some sharp new business cards, or you are gearing up for Alt Summit Winter 2015, Minted’s new line of foil-pressed business cards is dyna-mite!

I rounded up three of my favorites to show you.

Art deco-esque! What a kick ass statement card. I’m fancy, I’m fun and I have impeccable taste. That is what this card says to me. It’s the Gold Glamour Foil-Pressed Card. It’s available in four different colors and three different card stocks. So pretty.

gold glamour foil-pressed business cards by minted

My tastes are pretty diverse, so I thought I’d show you something just fun. Polka dots!  So many sweet little foil-pressed polka dots. The Oh So Peachy Polkadot Foil-Pressed card is fun. It screams approachable and easy to work with. Two very good qualities when making new connections.

oh so peachy polkadot foil-pressed  by minted

And just look at it close up!

close up of oh so peachy

Switching gears completely – I do really love these “Hello New Friend” cards. The foil really pops in that black circle and the craft paper color of the card stock is non-assuming. Such a friendly card.

Hello New Friend Foil-Pressed Business Cards by minted

Which one if your favorite? Minted has a fun selection available for you to check out. These are just three of my favorites. They really do have something for everyone from sophisticated to fun. Good stuff, kids. Good stuff.

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Morning Asphalt


Apparently Colorado is part of an unfortunate region known as the suicide belt. Pardon me, but that is some shit.

I was driving in to work Friday morning and came up on some commotion in the three lane street. Rush hour traffic was zipping around and a sudden flash of brake lights sent people detouring to the left and right.

Not sure what it was, but something told me to go to the commotion. When I approached closer, I blocked as many lanes as possible with my car about 50 feet back. There weren’t any emergency personnel on the scene.

I got out of my car and walked to what quickly became apparent as a man on laying on the ground. I asked what was going on and was told that the man was attempting to kill himself by laying in the path of the traffic. It was a miracle that everyone had missed him to that point.

No one was speaking to the man. Just speaking about him while looming overhead.

Well, that’s not how I do things. I crawled down to the black asphalt and laid next to the man. He was well-kept. He had on a wonderful multi-colored shirt. The whites of his brown eyes were bloodshot from what I assume may have been crying.

I started to talk to him. His name was Kevin. He couldn’t live any longer with the difficult situation he was in regarding the custody of his teenage daughter. He was just a couple years older than me. I told him about my son. And you better believe I complimented that shirt. We talked about how fucking hard life can be.

We kept talking about his daughter, Z. She had gotten into some trouble; was in a different state.

I can’t imagine dealing with either one of those things with my child. No blaming, no judgements – holy shit. As parents we just want to do our best by our kids. I can’t even completely wrap my head around the pain Kevin must have been feeling by being away from Z and not wanting that to be the situation.

An older gentleman leaned over and tried to take Kevin’s pulse, but this woman in a pink shirt yelled to not touch him. That older gentleman said he was a doctor and immediately disappeared.

At one point someone said that Kevin was bipolar and he lived at an assisted living facility. The woman in the pink shirt worked at the facility. She was just gripping the phone and looked so exasperated.

I have no idea what the history of Kevin’s situation truly was, but he was hurting enough to walk into traffic and lay down on the pavement. There was no joke here.

Kevin and I just talked. No rushing, no pressure. Just talk.

This street that all this was happening on is so busy during morning rush hour that another doctor actually showed up before emergency workers. She was way better prepared and had the common sense to get Kevin and I over to the sidewalk. I stayed with Kevin while she asked him some medical questions. I told him I’d just chill until he was feeling better.

Finally Fire and EMT arrived. And I don’t mean that “finally” bit in a snotty way. This whole incident felt like it lasted 20 minutes and I bet it was less than 5. The Fire crew took over for the doctor. I stayed with Kevin like I promised. He finally looked at me and I knew he didn’t need me anymore. I think that may have been the only time he looked at me at all.

I brushed myself off and answered a few questions for the Fire crew. I left.

And sobbed, and sobbed. There was nothing more I was going to be able to do for Kevin. And that felt terrible. There is nothing I can do for so many here in the suicide belt.


I can preach to you all that you should be kind to everyone you encounter because you have no idea what burdens they carry. But that’s dumb, because you won’t. Someone will cut you off in traffic or in a line and that shit will be out the window.

So what? I honestly don’t know. If you can help. Then help. That’s all I got.

Singing while cycling actually sets your soul free

I think that is science.

Pretty sure.

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I’d try some new in the fitness world every time the opportunity presented itself. And a class at a local studio did. It was YogaCycle.

Okay, okay, okay. Hang on, right? Cycling? I’d tried stationary bikes at gyms only to have it feel incredibly uncomfortable and leave my poor lady taint sore ( I believe the proper term is “saddle fucked”). And trust me, there was nothing I was doing to make that happen. I knew a lot of people passionate about riding and folks who raved about it’s calorie torching ability.

So I tried it.

When I arrived at the studio I was greeted by this amazing personality. I had no idea that my cycling/yoga teacher, Peggy was about to trash every previously held notion I had.

It feels weird to say this, but I had imagined a tall, super slender, model-esque instructor.

^ And that is a huge reason, so many people (like me) don’t participate in fitness classes. That preconceived notion scares us away. Dude, I don’t find the “stereotypical” fitness instructor inspirational. I find it alienating. I’m NEVER going to look that way. Well unless I develop and eating disorder and get a boob job. My body just ain’t built that way. And fitness instructors aren’t bad human beings for looking that way, it just doesn’t work to motivate me in a class. At all.

But Peggy was the antithesis of that stereotype. And I will be her loyal student forever because of it. Now, Peggy and I also don’t have the same or even similar body types, but she makes me comfortable. Her message isn’t about being lean, or looking good in tank tops, it’s about POWER. Which motivates the fuck out of me.

Her message in class is also about freedom. Continue reading

On Depression and Social Strategy

*In an emergency, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK*

I struggled with the idea of whether or not I’d want to post this. I cringe at the thought of grief mongering. So instead, we’re going to talk less (maybe) about the feels, and more about the other stuff. And the scumbags. They’re going on blast.

First of all, I am no doctor. Totally not qualified to talk about pretty much anything in a definitive medical manner. My only experience with depression is my own, which if you’re a long time reader you know all about. Everything herewith in is opinion.

And let’s just get it out there, that there is a seemingly insurmountable stigma attached to depression. Because it is actually scary as fuck to talk about. The mortality rate surrounding depression is not even able to be accurately quantified. It requires death by suicide and sometimes (but not exclusively) depression is accompanied by a secondary disease or disorder.

If we were to talk about cancer, or any other disease or disorder that way we’d be terrified.

How We Market Around Depression

There is a much larger conversation to be had about the general way in which we market around depression. From pharma to prevention, depression marketing is a unique beast.

As for prevention, for the longest time there was a push that suicide was “a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Remember that phrase? It was in the mouth of mass media all through the 80-10s. The problem with that thinking is it doesn’t take into account the actual chemical disorders affecting brain functions.

For example, a person with depression may be medicated. The medication may be working. And then suddenly, it can stop working. Unexpectedly. And then who the hell knows what will happen to that person next.

Very bad things can happen. Sad things.

To complicate this marketing bit further, there is a widely reported phenomenon known as suicide contagion. Remember the movie Heathers? Yeah. So I believe public health has always worked on prevention campaigns that try to reinforce the permanence of suicide, while encouraging other options. Furthermore, marketing prevention to a depressed brain must present a whole host of other challenges.

Now let’s take a very hard shift to talk about this in the realm of social media, social strategy, community managers, digital marketing and the pieces of shit at The New York Daily News.

First of all, ugh. I have written before about how ethics need to be at the forefront of a brand’s mind when dealing with sensitive material before. And this recent situation is no different.

Death is not an okay thing to be clever about. Never. Under no circumstance is it cool to spin any death for marketing. NOR IS IT OKAY TO FUCKING OPTIMIZE FOR IT IN SEARCH RESULTS.

Continue reading

Hey Girl, SUP Yoga

I have been obsessed with trying SUP Yoga all summer. I’m not totally sure why. I’ve never used a stand up paddle board before (The SUP bit) and balance is my absolute worst part of my practice, and I’m not an outdoors person. At all.

But yoga on water? Fuck yes, please.

Well I’m a very lucky person because I have a dear friend who got even more obsessed with trying this a couple weeks ago. So obsessed that she coordinated an entire class. Angela Death, is a “move the mountain” kind of lady. She’s the most athletic human being I’ve ever met. A Team USA caliber roller derby skater (no, really) and  best-of-the-best at pretty much everything I’ve ever seen her try. She’s super amazing, awesome, I cannot say enough kind things about her, and the Honey Duncan has an auntie named Angela Death.


So SUP Yoga was happening.

We headed out to Chatfield Reservoir. I didn’t research anything, so I went into this experience totally open. I’m starting to do that more and more. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so damn busy lately, or what. It’s been nice.

We arrived and were given a paddle and a board. No instruction. I saw some other people paddling out to our area on their knees so I started that way. But I thought well, I’m going to need to figure out how to stand up at some point. So I did.


And pretty quickly took my first splash into the water. Like I said, balance? Not my thing.

Thank goodness I know how to swim, because it was so much deeper than I thought it would be.

The class was a full-on yoga class. I was really surprised at the poses that challenged me the most. Warrior I, Warrior II? Splash. After a while, I got really fatigued and even simple forward folds resulted in a dip in the lake.


However, that doesn’t mean I shied away from any challenge. Wheel? Let’s go. Crow? Sure. Splash! Headstand? Totally not even in my practice, but what the hell, let’s try! Splash.

AD_SUPYogaAngela was actually able to get up to a headstand for a while. I’m telling you, this girl! A force, y’all.

I wisely set my intention for the practice to just have fun. And that I did. I must say, by the end of the class I was so fatigued that I could barely drag my ass back on that board. And the soreness was well earned in these following days.

The savanna? Well just imagine floating so peacefully. Mountains on one side, trees on the other. Your fingers gently submerged in water. Incredible.

Local friends, we’re doing this again Labor Day weekend. Come join us.

Have you guys tried something that you’d been obsessing about and it was as great as you’d imagined? Are you daring with your fitness challenges?