2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Antisparkle


Whelp, it’s time. Bust out your wallets and get to gifting. I wanted to do a gift guide, but I also wanted to tell you why I love these items in more than a blurb.

First up, Antisparkle!

So I met the wonder-woman behind Antisparkle Monique when I attended Alt Summit last January. She was one of the most wonderful, approachable folks I met. I’ve talked about her before, so I won’t get all stalker-ish.

If you’ve seen my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed, you’ve seen me in my favorite shirt potentially of all time. The Dreamer and Doer T-shirt in purple. It’s a v-neck, heavenly cotton and it hugs a gal in all the right spots.

This fall, it was also released in a black crew neck! That officially makes it the perfect gift for all those dreamers and doers in your life be it male or female.

The shirts are causal, so they can be an all year staple for any wardrobe. The sizes run true, so you can feel good about the sizing. And I’m going to say this as calmly as possible, there may or may not be a discount if you order now.

Be cool. Just get over there and make someone’s holiday.

More goodies tomorrow!




Shutterfly For Those Perfectly Personal™ Holiday Cards

Sponsored_by_ShutterflyHere is your official sneak peek at our card this year! Check out how on it I am. And for those of you still waiting for a thank you card from Dunc’s 3rd birthday party – let’s just call it squared with one of these lovely cards, eh?

So I bet you are curious what direction we went this year? The very first thing I did was dig in deep to the holiday card selection at Shutterfly. 

Perfectly Personal™ Holiday Cards straight up from the D-Robs!

Yes, that is quite possible one of the dumbest things I’ve ever written. But stay with me, it’s worth it.

DR Family_01

We’re a, um, colorful family, so I was really excited about a black and white card with a touch of color on the front and a full color back. The Colorful Greeting Holiday Card was so darned cute. I couldn’t pass. I ordered it with rounded corners and the Pearl Shimmer Card Stock. So pretty.

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Halloween and the subsequent sugar ban


The Honey Duncan got to go trick-or-treating for his first time ever this year. He loved it. After about 16 houses or so, he really got the hang of it and understood the porch light needed to be on, etc. He *for real* ran from house to house then yelling, “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”

Just pinch me. That kid. He was so polite and just such a sweet little 3-year-old. Which we all know 3-year-olds are not sweet. I keeeed.

It’s been really interesting watching Duncan discover holidays and get into them.

When we first asked Duncan what he wanted to be he said an Easter Egg.

Hmmph. I’m sorta creative, but I couldn’t imagine pulling that one off, nor any of the other kids and candy givers “getting it.” So we said, um, maybe something else?

A bucket was his answer.

What the fuck, kid? No. That was even more of a mind fuck. But serious points for that shit from him.

He finally settled on a pumpkin. Excitedly so. I didn’t suggest it. Then he upped it to monster pumpkin which is a jack-o-lantern. Mike wanted all of us to have coordinating costumes. So we hit up the Goodwill, the craft store, and about 12 bucks later, we were a pumpkin patch.

The weekend before Halloween we went to our annual trick-or-treat at the Bluebird District on Colfax Ave. My brother and sis-in-law always come with the kids. They all coordinate costumes too. My neighbor and BFF, Elizabeth comes (this year she was sick and her husband came instead). (I’ve actually be going to it with her since I was pregnant with Duncan.) And every year more folks join in. It is my favorite holiday tradition.

Halloween night we set out a bowl of candy ( we get like 4 kids) and headed over a few block to friend/family Kimmy’s house to go out with their family. So many laughs. We shook on it that we’d do this until our boys are eight.  :)

That was Halloween 2014. It was a blast. Now sugar is banned from our house. Because it’s basically crack for little kids and mom and dad are trying to lose our outstanding winter weight. But wow, it really is like crack.

Derby 2.?


While I joined up with a derby team all the way back in the summer, it isn’t until now that I really feel comfortable calling them my team.

I think some of the better roller derby experiences I had have been when traveling and dropping in with other teams. Maybe they were on their best behavior or maybe they were just as supportive as they all seemed. No matter the case, they were awesome.

Now I’m on one of those awesome teams.

And the workout! Oh lawdy! I am so excited about the fitness factor. Our practices are designed to help us build our fitness while keeping it safe.

Both my right and left side body were worked during my first couple scrimmages with the team.

And let’s talk cardio for a second. This is explosive cardio. Yet, the way our league runs, you can pull back and listen to your body without being chastised. The beauty of a rec league. I really love that because it’s such a yogic way of living.

Speaking of which, here’s some of us having fun after practice doing standing pigeon.


Did you notice my new leopard print pads! Heck yeah! It’s only been a gajillion years since I invested in new protective gear (which I now know was insane). They made the biggest difference. No more bruised and swollen patellas. Woo!

It really took the worry out of getting hit. I’ve always been able to take a hit and fall, but now I can do that and not get injured. Ah, magic!

XOXO Rebs. See ya next week!




Be Somebody

Dunc and Nic

I’m going to keep this simple. The easiest thing in the world you can do is just show up. That picture above is of Duncan and his former speech therapist, Nicole. She means the world to him. They haven’t even “worked” together for over a year. But Duncan loves her. He knows her, and considers her one of his best friends.

Now here’s me getting misty-eyed. Nicole came to our annual trick-or-treat this past weekend. All she had to do was show up and hold that kid’s hand for less than two hours. It meant everything to him.

He had no interest in holding my hand or dad’s, which was fine so I could take pictures of everyone. And now he can’t stop talking about his best friend, Miss Nicole.


Sometimes, I think it can probably be hard to remember how important we are as people. But I promise you, at the very least, you are somebody to someone.


If you are a parent of a kiddo who may need some help with speech, it turns out that my beloved Miss Nicole is currently taking on new kids. At the very least, check it out. She’s at the Glendale, CO location. And amazing, obvs.