Yoga Teacher Training: Why am I so confused?

We’re nearly done with training. That’s relative, I suppose. I mean, we wrap up in approximately 6 weeks or so. That’s counts as nearly done for us.

And I am just lost.
Oh, quick update. Arm balance […]

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Fueling my practice

My yoga bag is sort of hilariously filled with food.

Beef and turkey jerky. Almonds galore. And Orchard Valley Harvest snack packs, which I’m basically very obsessed with.

About an hour before a workout or yoga practice, […]

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More on dry needling for migraines

This morning when I got needled I bent the needle.

Josh (who wears nice shoes) {ginger bearded Adam Levine look-alike} said it was a badge of honor. AND I nearly made it the whole time without fainting.

That […]

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How the Ovia Video Baby Monitor Calmed This Worry Wort Mom

It’s been a really, really rough week here. The boy has some GI virus or infection and he’s basically been vombombing and shit storming the house since last week.

As a mom, I feel so sorry […]

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Yoga Teacher Training: the dread

Wouldn’t it be so cool to read a post right now about how I never dread certain things in yoga.

Ha! That is not going to be this post.

My dread first surfaced when I saw that […]

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