Weigh and Win- AND WE DID

Well, on April 30th we took third place in the entire state of Colorado. Out of 270 teams.



Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.07.33 AM

Right???!! And that’s just crazy. It hasn’t even sunk in. I’ve lost 3″ off my waist, 2″ around my chest and 3″ off my hips.

I’m still going through my clothes trying to figure out what fits and what does not. The boy asked me the other day why my boobies ae getting smaller. Ha ha! Don’t worry about it, kid. They aren’t for you anymore anyway.

OH! And HEY GUY, the whole shirtless thing in the pics isn’t because I think I’m smoking hot. It’s because I entered the program with a BMI that didn’t meet the minimum to receive the cash prize for body weight percentage loss. I would have earned over $30 if I had. So out of defiance, I started doing my weigh in pics with no shirt on.

Yeah, y’all I have a floppy belly button thanks to the boy, I am not sexy (and not fishing). Ha ha. Do they do belly button lifts? Not that I would, but, hey, maybe.

The very best part of our team taking third is that we got to donate $1,000 from Kaiser to Food Bank of the Rockies, a nonprofit that touched all our hearts.

We also won foam rollers, which is like they wanted to punish our team. Jokes! Really I couldn’t have found success in this without the support of Team Heckle!

Believe it or not, Kaiser is going to film a success story video to post on the Weigh and Win site. I’m so happy we get to share our story. And I will be wearing a shirt in the video.

Since the challenge has completed my scale has actually gone up. But, it’s because I’m lifting weights! I’m lifting! It’s hard and a fun challenge. My lbs. aren’t impressive by any means at this point, but it’s about working up to new goals. I ended up with a spot in front of the mirror the other day in my BodyPump class and I shamelessly checked myself out. I am thrilled to see the change in my upper body. 

Now, the whole booty butt region. Oh lawdy. It’s hard to trust in the process as I see little to NO progress in the back.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.46.13 PM

But then I see those stats. I can do it. I just may have to wear booty shorts to keep things under control again this summer at the pool. And that’s okay. I have my insecurities, and no stat can change that.

Unexpected Consequences From The Team Challenge

I learned a hard lesson at the end of the challenge. I could no longer contribute to lost lbs. I injured my knee and was sidelined from practically even walking in a cardio manner. Lame!

A positive lesson was to get on some lingering health issues that I kept putting off. I ended up finding out that my abdominal wall had separated during pregnancy and never really came back together. I was doing some physical therapy and was given some modified exercises to strengthen my core without exacerbating the problem. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it is why I just can’t seem to do some of those ab exercises in class.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in this journey! Maybe we can get a proper Team Heckle photo!

#PinkBoss >>>Lady Leadership

You know what? Fuck that. #Boss


I get this question that I have to fill out on my quarterly reviews at work about what I’m doing to be a better leader.

It bothers me. Here’s why:

1) It’s not really a job requirement to become a leader
2) I straight up RUN my house, thus, I’m already a leader
3) And a damn good one at that
4) Assuming this is a “business leader” makes it completely loaded and unfair to my values

So let’s unpack it some. The question tells me my boss assumes I want to be a business leader in some capacity.

I don’t. I have no ambition to do so. I give 2 shits about job titles. I just want to do interesting work. And do a really good job at it.  Continue reading

The week I couldn’t wait to drive every where

Sometimes there are huge perks to blogging. Like folks giving me a car to check out and drive for a week sorta perks. And that is exactly what happened and it was an absolute delight. Until I had to go back to driving my stinky old Jeep.

Well, I’m actually not in the market for a new car at all, so getting to drive around in the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander that I was gifted for the week was seriously a treat. Safety is so important to me since the boy and I run this town. Or run around this town.


Outlander_2015Safety is so important to me since the boy and I run this town. Or run around this town.

Whatever dude. (That’s our new saying that has taken on a life of its own.)

I do school pick up and drop off as well as weekend fun. I also drive out to derby at least once a week and hit up the gym. Oh yeah, and I work. Ha ha!

Well, the boy and I were thrilled that it had a LATCH system for his car seat. Man, I love those! He also got to sit up a bit higher than he does in the Jeep, so he had a whole new view of the street. We had some very interesting conversations thanks to that.

I also have to say, it just felt safe in the Outlander. There were seven airbags strategically placed throughout to keep passengers safe. And no, I didn’t find out through testing them.

There was also this very neat feature called ECODrive. I got a bit obsessed with it actually. You could set it to conserve fuel. So cool, right? And the gauge would be red or green depending on if you were spending or saving fuel. Kinda a luxury that’s also good for the environment. I noticed that I didn’t need to be jamming the gas pedal every .5 seconds. In the end, I was getting to be a better driver.

Lastly, there was a rearview camera. Dude.

Dude. Whoa. One of my biggest irrational fears is to back over a small child. I finally didn’t have that anxiety in the Outlander. I know I’m not the only one with that fear and with the number of adult pedestrians I’ve hit (hush), it’s a deeply rooted fear.

The boy and I had so much fun in this crossover. The boy really appreciated the Rockford Fosgate sound system. Seriously. We blasted “Reflections” by MisterWives like a gajillion times. And “Uptown Funk.” I let him yell “hot damn,” so he loves that song too.

Really with as much as he enjoyed the sound system, you’d have thought he was a teenager and not a threenager.

And now he’s neither. I’ll have that story for you next. I have a four-year-old now. I am so sad. He’s so big!

BabyLit Book Club! – Jabberwocky


BabyLit Book Club: Jabberwocky

& How We Did It

I met the awesome folks from BabyLit Books at Alt Summit this past January.  I immediately fell in love with what they do. They take classic literature and turn it in to beautifully illustrated books for babies and toddlers. And preschoolers! This I know because all the preschoolers who came to our book club were very engaged. Yeah, I started a BabyLit Book Club!


 How We’re Doing It & How You Can Host a BabyLit Book Club!

I started by surveying my friends with kids on Facebook and a couple in person. If they expressed interest, then I invited them. We set the best time for everyone at 11:30am. I maxed at 10 families. That way everyone could have a book and it wouldn’t be overwhelming to host. 

Continue reading

And This Is Why We Fucking Listen To Fiona

ZOMG new wheels 15

When D-Town started up, it was time to upgrade the wheels on my skates. When I joined the Rebels last summer (remember I’m in two rec leagues because that means potentially more rink time) I saved up and upgraded my pads. Holy lord, did I need that!

Skates July 14

Now the way I came to decide on new pads, which were significantly more expensive than what I skated in with DRD, was that I surveyed the gearheads within the Rebels via our Facebook group. In the end, no one recommend what I bought, but after reading the review for each and taking my own build into account, I knew I had arrived at the right choice. I ended up buying them on Amazon because there’s only one derby store in town and it’s all the way across town from me. Continue reading