No More 24

I love living in Colorado. It’s beautiful, the sun is nearly always out, the people are wonderful and in Denver, we have beautiful and close-knit neighborhoods.

But for all of those positives, it turns out that […]

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Mazda CX5 – Hot Damn

So I really never thought I’d actually write about car seats. And I’m not talking about the kind we strap children into.

I’m talking about the most comfortable driver’s seat I’ve ever rested my laurels on. […]

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Sleep Yoga Pillow – God Bless America

Okay, so finding a great pillow can be the world’s biggest pain the neck. An actual pain in your neck.

I’ve got my little ears piqued these days to listen for the way folks use the […]

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The kid is about to start Kindergarten. He’s been in school forever, so t doesn’t seem that jarring, but then I think about it in a bigger context and realize that it’s a pretty big […]

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You’re Doing Everything Wrong

^That is Alexandria (Alex) Crow. She’s probably telling one of us that we’re forcing our body to do something it actually can’t do out of habit.

I’m going into the final day of my four-day mentorship […]

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