Bliss The Fuck Out – Yoga Marketing

^That’s a new series of yoga classes I’ve just launched. I already have a small following.

I have been fortunate enough to have recently subbed a couple Yin yoga classes. Yin is awesome and while I […]

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Eric Hutchinson & Operation Smile

Eric Hutchinson has launched a campaign to raise funds for Operation Smile. From his Facebook update:
I had the pleasure of attending Operation Smile’s nyc gala last night and dj’ing the after-party. Op Smile is a […]

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Roller Derby and Your Psoas pt 1

After what felt like a million years, I finally got to skate the other lweekend.

I realized that while we’re so busy in derby honing juking and blocking skills and sometimes basic skating skills (ahem, right here) we […]

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All this is to say


Well, 2016 has started off hashtag weird/awful/meh/overit.

I just realized it’s May. Time to put my foot down. No one wants to be the victim of circumstance or just caught up in some shit in general.

Only my […]

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Body image in yoga clothes

Today I had to wear my roller derby clothes to yoga class.


So, well I was wearing a rather short skort skirt thingy and a tank top. I usually wear some fitted yoga pants and a breathable […]

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