15 01, 2018

Custom Makeup for Alt Summit: Blush

Custom blush. I know. It's a dream. Or is it? So, the older I get, the more I love makeup. It's an interesting relationship I've developed with my creams, brushes, powders, mascaras, etc. I love when I find a color that is perfect for me, but I'm really fair skinned and getting my fair share

11 01, 2018

Kindness Journaling for Kids

Have you heard of kindness journaling for kids? For a gift this past holiday, I got Duncan a kindness journal to do with him. He is such a sweet kiddo with dark corners that hide his budding status as dictator or cult leader. So I kinda want to stay out in front of this and

9 01, 2018

Hot Sauce of the Month: Fennelo

January is all about a hot sauce exclusively from Heatonist is Fennelo by Karma Sauce. This month my husband and I decided to figure out just how one could use this sweet hot sauce to liven up some dishes. As always (and honestly, I don't know how he gets me to agree to do this

5 01, 2018

Your Life Is What You Make It

That expression is the one thing of value my mother imparted on me. At the end of any year, it's so easy to reflect and find bad moments to encourage resolutions for a better next year. But really, every day you have that option. Every moment. You can decide wether your life is good or

13 09, 2017

Fall prAna Wardrobe Capsule #FallForprAna

This post is sponsored by my dear friends at prAna. All opinions are my own. It's really a pinch me moment every time I get a message in my inbox from my friends at prAna to work on a collaboration. My heart sings a little knowing I'm going to get to rock a new sustainable