A request, my friends


Today is December 16, 2014. Two years ago today the world lost Jake Adam York. Jake was my mentor without really knowing it. He encouraged my writing; championed it even. When Jake passed, I felt a hole. Which was odd, because we weren’t particularly close, nor did we even regularly keep in touch.

The summer before he passed, I took a workshop with him to help me develop a book I’ve been writing for Duncan to help the boy understand homelessness.

As many of you may know, acting with compassion to the homeless is a priority in my life. And today on the anniversary of Jake’s passing, I need to ask you all for help.

I’ve been trying to put together “Kindness Bags” to distribute to the homeless in Denver. The weather here is now cold. The resources are being tapped at shelters. And I realize the holidays are here and folks are sick of giving, but I ask you to give, please, just once more.

There is a unique poetry in giving. A beauty that simply exists with the act. I know that to honor Jake I must ask you to give. Tears well up in my eyes thinking of the loss of such a strong person who was dedicated to giving. Only Jake gave in a different way.

I’ve put together an Amazon Wish List of items for these “Kindness Bags.” As you’ll see they are the most basic items that most of us can pick up on a whim.

Here is the wish list:  http://amzn.com/w/2TCDXK1FQSDAO

Please help and give. Anything at all is appreciated more than I will ever be able to tell you. I am sure you’ve lost someone you have cared about and this would be a beautiful way to honor them.

I’ll be happy to link back to your site as a thank you and promote you on social media (if that’s your thing).

You can also comment for my pay pal info if you’d like to just donate a few bucks. Anything and everything helps.

Thank you, friends.

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Boomf

boomf sponsor

Once upon a time, I stumbled across the coolest gift. Boomf!


Boomf creates adorable marshmallows with your photos printed right on them. It’s the perfect gift for the avid Instagrammer or someone who has celebrated a major milestone.

Also great for girlfriends to give to each other, families, besties, etc., etc. etc!

I treated myself to a special MotherBoy box of Boomf for the boy and I to enjoy with our hot chocolate this winter.



I uploaded some of my favorite pics of me and Honey Duncan from over the years and then Boomf magically turned them into a real treasure.

Boomf can also work with Facebook or Instagram to bring your photos right over. Which is so cool. And convenient.


The price point for this gift is around $25-30 and they have just added some cute other items as well. And really, they are stupid fun to make.

Man, I love that kid. And Boomf. You may want to order ASAP if you will need it by Christmas Eve.


Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Honest Co.

Red Honest


I used to have some big misconceptions about The Honest Company. After a dinner chat with some of their team, I found I was very, very wrong. I found instead that they were a company with really nice ethics and great products.

I know if you follow me on IG (which, WTF wouldn’t you?) You’ve seen some fun pics of Duncan trying out their diapers. He thought that shit was hilarious being pretty much potty trained. But they were great for overnights at his size. You’ve also seen me fall in love with their shampoo and body wash. And lotion. And bubble bath. Ha! I feel really good about their products and I’m happy to pay for the quality.

So from their catalogue of wonderful items, I’m selecting the Honest+Aden +Anais (RED) Organic Swaddle 3 pack. I’ve always supported Product (RED) items and I’m happy to do it again.

Thumbs up on this gift for all new families or expectant parents.



Gift Guide 2014: idieh design


Yep. I am completely obsessed with this sweatshirt. Notice how I’m only picking items that a I want. There’s a reason for that. The things I’m picking are all from badass companies (many female-owned). So you’re not just getting something rad, you’re supporting real people in their dreams. And that’s awesome.

I first met the owner of idieh design, Heidi (see! It’s idieh all flipped!) Bartlett last January at Alt. Talk about a warm and lovely person. She struck up conversation with me while I was in full-on wallflower mode. As the year has gone on, I’ve watched her business blow the fuck up, in the best way possible!

And seriously, how cute is that sweatshirt? (Size medium if you decide you MUST get it for me.)

Signature LEGIT Raw Edge Heather Grey Sweatshirt  – Starts at 38.50. 

Trust me your BFF, new mom pal, sis-in-law, etc, etc, etc. Would all LOVE this shirt. She’s selling a ton of really great other items as well. So check it out!



Gift Guide 2014: Freshly Picked

FP sponsor


I have so many sweet little punkins in my life. It’s my greatest joy. And the one thing my sweet son taught me this fall was that shoes are a very precious commodity with these kids. My son has gone through 2 pair of boots, sneakers, boat shoes, etc.

Then the Freshly Picked mocs came in the mail. The buttery leather made me a touch jealous that I couldn’t slip them on myself.


Before I even tell Duncan they were for him, he had them slipped snuggly on. I ordered up one size so he could use them and grow into them. It’s just what I do these days. Even being a little big, the mocs fit great. Stayed in place while he zipped around the house. And at nap time, he refused to take them off.

So sweet. Here’s the lowdown: the mocs run in a variety of colors and sizes. Newborn to 4/5 year old. They’re $60/each and well worth every penny. Duncan’s been rocking his inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, etc. and they show zero signs of wear. Not a single pair of his sneakers have held up that same way.  These mocs are especially perfect for the almost to new walker. It seems those kiddos are always losing their shoes.  :)

I hope all my nieces and nephews are going to be as excited as Duncan to get these.


Did I mention that you can win a pair as well?

Here’s what I need you to do! Leave a comment telling me about your favorite FP moc and who it would be for. The contest will run until 12/12! A winner will be selected at random. Like always.  Get to commenting. 


*This contest is now closed.*

Our Winner is …. Erin! Congratulations!

Winner FP