18 02, 2018

When Parenting Sucks

Which honestly, is a lot of the time. A lot. Of. The. Time. My son is currently outside cleaning up dog poop. A task that we usually work as a team to do. But no. He's handling it solo. Rule in the house is that if your behavior is poopy, then you get to go

15 02, 2018

14 Minutes Daily To A Clean House

If my house isn't very, very clean, then I have a tendency to get very, very irritable. So this place stays clean. Unless I'm overwhelmed. Then I begin letting little things slide and my office space suffers the worst. My husband can tell when I need to have a break because it manifests as looking

13 02, 2018

Creating High/Low Pressed Powder With FIXY Makeup

You guys know how obsessed I am with FIXY Makeup by now. Very, obsessed is the answer. Since I got my kit I have been depotting (ha, so many meanings in Denver!) and creating new colors and making all sorts of magical shit happen with this cute pink box of wonders. My friend, the creator

7 02, 2018

Making Custom Eyeshadow for Alt Summit

Founder and creator of FIXY Makeup stopped by to help me get ready for Alt by making a fabulous custom eyeshadow. If you haven't ordered your FIXY kit yet, what the hell are you thinking?   Enjoy and let me know what other colors I should make.

6 02, 2018

7 Pro Tips For Alt Summit

I am excited to be heading out to Alt Summit in just a few more weeks! I've never been to sunny Palm Springs before, so I am desperately excited for that. I am, however, an Alt Summit vet and have some great pro tips to share to help you get the most out of it.