BabyLit Book Club! – Jabberwocky


BabyLit Book Club: Jabberwocky

& How We Did It

I met the awesome folks from BabyLit Books at Alt Summit this past January.  I immediately fell in love with what they do. They take classic literature and turn it in to beautifully illustrated books for babies and toddlers. And preschoolers! This I know because all the preschoolers who came to our book club were very engaged. Yeah, I started a BabyLit Book Club!


 How We’re Doing It & How You Can Host a BabyLit Book Club!

I started by surveying my friends with kids on Facebook and a couple in person. If they expressed interest, then I invited them. We set the best time for everyone at 11:30am. I maxed at 10 families. That way everyone could have a book and it wouldn’t be overwhelming to host. 

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And This Is Why We Fucking Listen To Fiona

ZOMG new wheels 15

When D-Town started up, it was time to upgrade the wheels on my skates. When I joined the Rebels last summer (remember I’m in two rec leagues because that means potentially more rink time) I saved up and upgraded my pads. Holy lord, did I need that!

Skates July 14

Now the way I came to decide on new pads, which were significantly more expensive than what I skated in with DRD, was that I surveyed the gearheads within the Rebels via our Facebook group. In the end, no one recommend what I bought, but after reading the review for each and taking my own build into account, I knew I had arrived at the right choice. I ended up buying them on Amazon because there’s only one derby store in town and it’s all the way across town from me. Continue reading

We’ve arrived at an ending.


Her bike was finally empty.

Today was a sad day, but as Sensei would say, not negative. However, it was sad.  Today I said goodbye to the class that I found so much of my soul in.

I don’t have too much to say about it actually. There was a lot more feeling than thinking of clever things to say. I would have never assumed that I was the kind of person that would feel an actual connection with a group exercise class, but then I never factored in Peggy.

Me and Peg

That’s us. Completely untouched. I couldn’t take off my glasses because my eyes were puffy from crying. In a yoga class. Also, weirdest savasana ever. Only because I wasn’t expecting it to take over in a wave.

Please note: if you ever tell anyone I cried in a yoga class, I’ll deny it and then punch you in the throat. Continue reading

Weigh And Win And Win

WAW This morning I stepped on my scale at home.

Holy shit. Down 12.2 pounds since Feb. 2nd. How did this happen?

I have a team

Something about have a group of people with a common goal. It feels like I can move mountains. We communicate through an app that is also a desktop page called GroupMe. This way we can support each other. I got on there the other day talking about how much I wanted sweets and my other teammates gave me all kinds of suggestions to take the edge off. My team is made up of women that I play roller derby with. We’re all kinds of gals in all kinds of different stages of our fitness and weight loss journey. And we’re awesome.

I learned about nutrition

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are carbs? Yeah, neither did my husband. Or me. Or most people I know. I got a great BALANCE nutrition plan from Jessie of GymGirlJessie. This plan ended up being the game-changer for me. I had been just restricting my calories and trying to eat what I thought were good foods. Well, I was wrong. My body was desperate for at least twice as many grams of protein that I had been eating. When I looked at my nutrient intake it was nearly all carbs and fats! So I switched up my eating. My goal is 168g of protein a day – THAT is a lot of protein. So I look for lean protein so I don’t jack up my caloric intake. Continue reading

The Rubber Band Method of Disciplining, er Scratch That, Praising Your Kids.

The Rubber band method of praising your kids

Recently I came across a really interesting article about using rubber bands to discipline your kid. The Rubber Band Method of Disciplining Your Kids, which is so misleading. It’s just click bait. It’s the Rubber Band Method of Praising Your Kids. And it’s awesome. 

Don’t worry, y’all. You know I’m more of an alternative style parenting kinda girl. The rubber bands aren’t used to snap the kid. The kid never comes into contact with them at all.

They go on my wrist. They are a reminder to praise the GOOD behavior. You start with three on your right wrist and every time you genuinely stop in the moment to praise the good behavior, you move one rubber band to the left wrist. Continue reading