prAna Fair Trade Sweater Swoon for Fair Trade Month!

*This post and giveaway is sponsored by prAna for the #BeFair campaign and Fair Trade Month.*

Here it is October 20th! My word. I can’t even believe it. And Fair Trade month is nearly over. So I wanted to really celebrate it with a bang and my pals at prAna are helping make that happen.

With a GIVEAWAY!! Whoop woot, whistle stop!


Meet this gorgeous sweater from prAna’s Fair Trade collection. It’s the Ivona Top in Barnwood. And it’s up for grabs!

Let’s talk product for a second. #1 this sweater is not made of wool, which means that I can actually wear it. (Yeah, it’s super sucks being allergic to wool.) It’s midweight and made of 100% organic cotton. You know, dream cotton.

You can use it as part of a layer, which is exactly the sort of thing you’d do in Colorado. You can also rock this bad boy alone and look casual or dress it up with a skirt and some boots. Holy my oh my!

I picked the Barnwood color to show off to you all because it pretty much looks like Denver right now. Absolutely beautiful.


The collar really gives it that extra touch of something special, no?


The sleeves and bottom hem both have a raw edge. You will not look like Felicity (awww, memories!) in this sweater. However, you will look fabulous.

And the most special thing about this sweater is that it’s a Fair Trade product. This sweater supports the quality of life all people deserve. Fair wages, high-quality working conditions and community building.

So, how do you win?

It’s your turn to tell me why you pick, or will make an effort to start picking, Fair Trade products. I mean come one, we’re talking coffee, chocolate, clothes, etc. There are so many ways you can swap out at least one item for a Fair Trade item in your life. Check out the prAna Fair Trade collection for even more ideas…

Leave you answer in the comments and a winner will be selected at random. The comments close on Friday October 24th at midnight and I’ll announce the winner when I wake up Saturday. (That’s my sleep in day, kids, so don’t expect anything before noon!)

I hope you are all well and I cannot wait to read your comments!


DIY fall wreaths that anyone can make

I love, love, love autumn. I sorta got crafty the other day. I wanted to make nice hostess gift for some neighbors who were having us over for dinner. So I hit up the local craft shop and let inspiration lead my way.

The first parts of making a wreath are so simple, I can’t even screw them up.

Step 1. Get a styrofoam wreath
Step 2. Pick out ribbon to wrap the wreath. Make sure you have enough of the ribbon to cover the entire wreath.
Right, so easy.
Step 3. Pick out your embellishments.


Then get to making. You start by straight pinning the ribbon to the styrofoam. Then you simply wrap it around the wreath. Be sure to cover it completely and make a tidy wrap. Straight pin it again when the ribbon is all the way around.



Next you bust out that hot glue gun and glue on the embellishments. Glue on all sorts of shit until it looks the way you’d like.


Then you’re done.


Now go give it to someone wonderful.



Gimme My Kitten Heels



I love heels. They make my booty and legs look good. I feel sexier wearing them. And I often drool over the designs. I, however, do not like platforms. That was a mistake I made in the late 90s and it won’t be repeated. Damn you, Spice Girls!

And I’m not a fan of today’s designs of platforms either. They’re just not working for me.

My absolute favorite heel is the kitten heel.

So I did a lil round up of four that I’d happily add to my closet right this minute.



1)  Gabriella Rocha’s Shaya in brown. Only $69!  The faux wood detail of the heel. Fuck yes.

2) Stuart Weitzman Poco in pyrite nocture. Okay, so this is part of the designer’s bridal and evening collection, which is code for way more expensive than it needs to be. It’s $355. Boo. But as an investment piece, it is really gorgeous. And maybe worth it?

3)  Aerosoles’ Magical Power in navy. $69. Yes, I put an Aerosoles shoe up there. They’re well designed and comfy. I wish I was wearing it right now.

4) Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon in blue. $230. I am obsessed with the ever-changing Lady Dragon line. Have been for a while (I did get married in a pair!). I feel like if I was going to collect something it would be this shoe line. Because every variation is fucking rad.  (also sort of a cheat as the heel is a bit bigger, but hush.)


Do you kids like heels? Talk to me.


Do No Harm #BeFair


Recently the Honey Duncan has started Sunday School. Or Dharma School to be more precise. We’re practicing Buddhists, so it’s called Dharma School. Same thing, different name.

I’m not going to get into the intricacies of selecting a religion for your child or what you should or should not consider. Because quite frankly, that ain’t none of my damn business nor is our choice yours.

But what I do want to share with you is more the grand view of beginning Dharma School. He stinking loves it. And I love that attending services is a great way to give him other life skills that he’ll be needing. Skills like sitting still for a bit. And listening. And, Duncan, stop talking or there will be no cartoons today. Inside voice! And whisper, punkin.

Seriously important skills. Learned skills.

I also love that he gets to have new friends outside of his friends in the neighborhood or school to grow up with. That is rad.

So skills, new friends! Awesome. And we’re making an effort to do no harm in what we do. And accept that we are exactly where we are meant to be. Which may be late for service. Likely, late for service.

This month we’re celebrating #BeFair! October is Fair Trade month and Duncan and I are making an effort to only consume Fair Trade products! We’ll get into more cool Fair Trade stuff as the month goes on, but I thought you may like a heads up.

Oh by the way, my pals over at prAna? Fair Trade.

In Fact, On October 16th I’ll be posting the prAna fitness pics for Fair Trade Fashion Thursday.

In the meantime you can check out more info on Fair Trade Month. #BeFair and be well!




I’m a big fan of democratic parenting. It was something I picked up while teaching. If you empower the kids then they are more likely to feel accountable and behave in a desired way. In the classroom, we did this with a set of class rules. The kids helped come up with them and also with consequences for when I rule wasn’t followed.

Duncan and I did “House Rules” a couple weeks ago using that same method. It’s been a great success.

I recently found a new opportunity to do something similar. We were kind of struggling with the transition from school to home. So I thought, hey, let’s do a quick activity to ease the pain. So I wrote 50 different activities on wood craft sticks and stuck them in a cup.



When Duncan gets home, he pulls a stick and we do that activity. It can be super quick or up to 30 minutes. It just depends on the stick.

I suspected that if I told Duncan “these are our transition activity sticks” that would bore the hell out of him and he’d go on a tear through the house. So I decided to tell him about them on the drive home from school before their debut. And the key thing I did: I asked him what he wanted to call them.

He’s currently really obsessed with me making sounds like BOOM and BAM. After much discussion he decided to call them his special BOOMsticks. Adorable.

That first day when we got home, he pulled his first BOOMstick. “Art!”

So we made a wreath to welcome fall! Those are abstract leaves in case you’re wondering.



What do you do to switch gears from day to night?