prAna Fall Line

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Oh yeah, this one is for my yoga nerd side. I recently took a trip to the Denver prAna store and simply told the staff ‘bring me whatever.’

Best idea. Let’s dish.
First of all, wow! what a staff at that store. They were so attentive and so gracious. Of course Duncan was in tow and in full Honey Duncan mode, so they had their hands full. My husband also came, so it wasn’t like I just cut the boy loose in the store.

The staff and I chatted about the stuff I do and my “lifestyle” and they came up  with a variety of options that would really make sense for me.

So let’s run down my favorite active lifestyle pieces from the fall line. Next time I’ll show you guys the fitness line. Because, yeah, I got to play dress up for a while.

1) Zoe Henley Top – I felt great in this top. And I never would have thought I’d actually look good in horizontal stripes. But the bias cut of the shirt makes it so flattering. And the contrast stitching is so rock and roll.

2) Sulia Top – This lovely top was introduced to me as a base layer. Ugh. Winter. However, I found that it was so flattering (totally make my boobies look bigger) that I’d wear it for a top layer. The fabric was a dream. So soft.

3) Martina Jacket – Holy cow. I have been without a proper jacket in Colorado for my entire life. I do this ridiculous dance: heavy wool peacoat; puffer jacket; hoodie; something too light or too heavy for the actual weather. It’s miserable. I feel like the Martina Jacket would finally be my perfect Colorado jacket. Yours, too. Just sayin’.

4) Jada Jean – The most comfortable jeans I’ve ever had on. Pretty obsessed with adding them to my jeans rotation. It was just the right amount of stretch and structure. I’m telling the Universe right now that these jeans and I are soul mates and should be together.

5) Halle Pant – I think the best testimonial I can give the Halle Pant is that my husband immediately said that my butt looked really good in them. I love that man. The pant material is really interesting. It wicks moisture so you can hike comfortably in them in nearly any fall conditions. Talk about perfect for a trip up to see the Aspens change! Or a trip to the pumpkin patch.

6) Tamsin Skirt – This skirt captured my heart. That zipper running up the side is such a great detail. And there is always a special place in my heart for corduroy. Boots, sweater, Tamsin Skirt: perfect for work or play!

Those are my favorites from the prAna Fall Lifestyle Line. Like I said, next time I’ll recap my favesies on the active side.




We Don’t Hit Children

I was beaten as a child. And spanked. I hated the people in my life who did this.

Yes, you can believe this is going to be a soapbox/controversial post. This shit gets me fired up you guys. 

First let me say, that I know not everyone agrees with me. They think that corporal punishment is the best way to instill respect in a child. A lot of people like to quote the bible as a cornerstone to their belief. But fuck that. I’m not a Christian so you won’t be getting far with that shit here.

The fact of the matter is that because of the way I was raised up, I do not believe in hitting children under any circumstance. I turned out the way I did (which trust me, is questionable) in spite of the beatings, not because of them. Continue reading

Nerd Glam Style


Yesterday during a twitter chat I declared my style as *Nerd Glam*.  As you can see above, it encompasses quite a bit. A touch girly, a bit sloppy, some vintagey stuff, always glasses because I am nearly legally blind, and my signature red lipstick.

I’m not really one of those “post what I wore” bloggers, cause my face will hurt your soul, but I think these curated boards of my nerd glam style are fixin’ to be a regular thing.

(Don’t tell me my face is okay. I tried to do a StyleMeFeb once, remember. Awful. You guys, just awful.


So, what do you say we meet here every Thursday for a does of fashion and beauty and Nerd Glam this bitch up?

Do you like anything in the board above? I definitely didn’t have a name for my style until yesterday. How do you define your style?

Minted Foil-Pressed Business Cards Just in Time for Alt 2015!

This post is sponsored by Minted 

Whether your in the market for some sharp new business cards, or you are gearing up for Alt Summit Winter 2015, Minted’s new line of foil-pressed business cards is dyna-mite!

I rounded up three of my favorites to show you.

Art deco-esque! What a kick ass statement card. I’m fancy and fun! That is what this card says to me. It’s the Gold Glamour Foil-Pressed Card. It’s available in four different colors and three different card stocks. So pretty.

gold glamour foil-pressed business cards by minted

My tastes are pretty diverse, so I thought I’d show you something just fun. Polka dots!  So many sweet little foil-pressed polka dots. The Oh So Peachy Polkadot Foil-Pressed card is fun. It screams approachable and easy to work with. Two very good qualities when making new connections.

oh so peachy polkadot foil-pressed  by minted

And just look at it close up!

close up of oh so peachy

Switching gears completely – I do really love these “Hello New Friend” cards. The foil really pops in that black circle and the craft paper color of the card stock is non-assuming. Such a friendly card.

Hello New Friend Foil-Pressed Business Cards by minted

Which one if your favorite? Minted has a fun selection available for you to check out. These are just three of my favorites. They really do have something for everyone from sophisticated to fun. Good stuff, kids. Good stuff.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Morning Asphalt


Apparently Colorado is part of an unfortunate region known as the suicide belt. Pardon me, but that is some shit.

I was driving in to work Friday morning and came up on some commotion in the three lane street. Rush hour traffic was zipping around and a sudden flash of brake lights sent people detouring to the left and right.

Not sure what it was, but something told me to go to the commotion. When I approached closer, I blocked as many lanes as possible with my car about 50 feet back. There weren’t any emergency personnel on the scene.

I got out of my car and walked to what quickly became apparent as a man on laying on the ground. I asked what was going on and was told that the man was attempting to kill himself by laying in the path of the traffic. It was a miracle that everyone had missed him to that point.

No one was speaking to the man. Just speaking about him while looming overhead.

Well, that’s not how I do things. I crawled down to the black asphalt and laid next to the man. He was well-kept. He had on a wonderful multi-colored shirt. The whites of his brown eyes were bloodshot from what I assume may have been crying.

I started to talk to him. His name was Kevin. He couldn’t live any longer with the difficult situation he was in regarding the custody of his teenage daughter. He was just a couple years older than me. I told him about my son. And you better believe I complimented that shirt. We talked about how fucking hard life can be.

We kept talking about his daughter, Z. She had gotten into some trouble; was in a different state.

I can’t imagine dealing with either one of those things with my child. No blaming, no judgements – holy shit. As parents we just want to do our best by our kids. I can’t even completely wrap my head around the pain Kevin must have been feeling by being away from Z and not wanting that to be the situation.

An older gentleman leaned over and tried to take Kevin’s pulse, but this woman in a pink shirt yelled to not touch him. That older gentleman said he was a doctor and immediately disappeared.

At one point someone said that Kevin was bipolar and he lived at an assisted living facility. The woman in the pink shirt worked at the facility. She was just gripping the phone and looked so exasperated.

I have no idea what the history of Kevin’s situation truly was, but he was hurting enough to walk into traffic and lay down on the pavement. There was no joke here.

Kevin and I just talked. No rushing, no pressure. Just talk.

This street that all this was happening on is so busy during morning rush hour that another doctor actually showed up before emergency workers. She was way better prepared and had the common sense to get Kevin and I over to the sidewalk. I stayed with Kevin while she asked him some medical questions. I told him I’d just chill until he was feeling better.

Finally Fire and EMT arrived. And I don’t mean that “finally” bit in a snotty way. This whole incident felt like it lasted 20 minutes and I bet it was less than 5. The Fire crew took over for the doctor. I stayed with Kevin like I promised. He finally looked at me and I knew he didn’t need me anymore. I think that may have been the only time he looked at me at all.

I brushed myself off and answered a few questions for the Fire crew. I left.

And sobbed, and sobbed. There was nothing more I was going to be able to do for Kevin. And that felt terrible. There is nothing I can do for so many here in the suicide belt.


I can preach to you all that you should be kind to everyone you encounter because you have no idea what burdens they carry. But that’s dumb, because you won’t. Someone will cut you off in traffic or in a line and that shit will be out the window.

So what? I honestly don’t know. If you can help. Then help. That’s all I got.