Singing while cycling actually sets your soul free

I think that is science.

Pretty sure.

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I’d try some new in the fitness world every time the opportunity presented itself. And a class at a local studio did. It was YogaCycle.

Okay, okay, okay. Hang on, right? Cycling? I’d tried stationary bikes at gyms only to have it feel incredibly uncomfortable and leave my poor lady taint sore ( I believe the proper term is “saddle fucked”). And trust me, there was nothing I was doing to make that happen. I knew a lot of people passionate about riding and folks who raved about it’s calorie torching ability.

So I tried it.

When I arrived at the studio I was greeted by this amazing personality. I had no idea that my cycling/yoga teacher, Peggy was about to trash every previously held notion I had.

It feels weird to say this, but I had imagined a tall, super slender, model-esque instructor.

^ And that is a huge reason, so many people (like me) don’t participate in fitness classes. That preconceived notion scares us away. Dude, I don’t find the “stereotypical” fitness instructor inspirational. I find it alienating. I’m NEVER going to look that way. Well unless I develop and eating disorder and get a boob job. My body just ain’t built that way. And fitness instructors aren’t bad human beings for looking that way, it just doesn’t work to motivate me in a class. At all.

But Peggy was the antithesis of that stereotype. And I will be her loyal student forever because of it. Now, Peggy and I also don’t have the same or even similar body types, but she makes me comfortable. Her message isn’t about being lean, or looking good in tank tops, it’s about POWER. Which motivates the fuck out of me.

Her message in class is also about freedom. Continue reading

On Depression and Social Strategy

*In an emergency, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK*

I struggled with the idea of whether or not I’d want to post this. I cringe at the thought of grief mongering. So instead, we’re going to talk less (maybe) about the feels, and more about the other stuff. And the scumbags. They’re going on blast.

First of all, I am no doctor. Totally not qualified to talk about pretty much anything in a definitive medical manner. My only experience with depression is my own, which if you’re a long time reader you know all about. Everything herewith in is opinion.

And let’s just get it out there, that there is a seemingly insurmountable stigma attached to depression. Because it is actually scary as fuck to talk about. The mortality rate surrounding depression is not even able to be accurately quantified. It requires death by suicide and sometimes (but not exclusively) depression is accompanied by a secondary disease or disorder.

If we were to talk about cancer, or any other disease or disorder that way we’d be terrified.

How We Market Around Depression

There is a much larger conversation to be had about the general way in which we market around depression. From pharma to prevention, depression marketing is a unique beast.

As for prevention, for the longest time there was a push that suicide was “a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” Remember that phrase? It was in the mouth of mass media all through the 80-10s. The problem with that thinking is it doesn’t take into account the actual chemical disorders affecting brain functions.

For example, a person with depression may be medicated. The medication may be working. And then suddenly, it can stop working. Unexpectedly. And then who the hell knows what will happen to that person next.

Very bad things can happen. Sad things.

To complicate this marketing bit further, there is a widely reported phenomenon known as suicide contagion. Remember the movie Heathers? Yeah. So I believe public health has always worked on prevention campaigns that try to reinforce the permanence of suicide, while encouraging other options. Furthermore, marketing prevention to a depressed brain must present a whole host of other challenges.

Now let’s take a very hard shift to talk about this in the realm of social media, social strategy, community managers, digital marketing and the pieces of shit at The New York Daily News.

First of all, ugh. I have written before about how ethics need to be at the forefront of a brand’s mind when dealing with sensitive material before. And this recent situation is no different.

Death is not an okay thing to be clever about. Never. Under no circumstance is it cool to spin any death for marketing. NOR IS IT OKAY TO FUCKING OPTIMIZE FOR IT IN SEARCH RESULTS.

Continue reading

Hey Girl, SUP Yoga

I have been obsessed with trying SUP Yoga all summer. I’m not totally sure why. I’ve never used a stand up paddle board before (The SUP bit) and balance is my absolute worst part of my practice, and I’m not an outdoors person. At all.

But yoga on water? Fuck yes, please.

Well I’m a very lucky person because I have a dear friend who got even more obsessed with trying this a couple weeks ago. So obsessed that she coordinated an entire class. Angela Death, is a “move the mountain” kind of lady. She’s the most athletic human being I’ve ever met. A Team USA caliber roller derby skater (no, really) and  best-of-the-best at pretty much everything I’ve ever seen her try. She’s super amazing, awesome, I cannot say enough kind things about her, and the Honey Duncan has an auntie named Angela Death.


So SUP Yoga was happening.

We headed out to Chatfield Reservoir. I didn’t research anything, so I went into this experience totally open. I’m starting to do that more and more. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so damn busy lately, or what. It’s been nice.

We arrived and were given a paddle and a board. No instruction. I saw some other people paddling out to our area on their knees so I started that way. But I thought well, I’m going to need to figure out how to stand up at some point. So I did.


And pretty quickly took my first splash into the water. Like I said, balance? Not my thing.

Thank goodness I know how to swim, because it was so much deeper than I thought it would be.

The class was a full-on yoga class. I was really surprised at the poses that challenged me the most. Warrior I, Warrior II? Splash. After a while, I got really fatigued and even simple forward folds resulted in a dip in the lake.


However, that doesn’t mean I shied away from any challenge. Wheel? Let’s go. Crow? Sure. Splash! Headstand? Totally not even in my practice, but what the hell, let’s try! Splash.

AD_SUPYogaAngela was actually able to get up to a headstand for a while. I’m telling you, this girl! A force, y’all.

I wisely set my intention for the practice to just have fun. And that I did. I must say, by the end of the class I was so fatigued that I could barely drag my ass back on that board. And the soreness was well earned in these following days.

The savanna? Well just imagine floating so peacefully. Mountains on one side, trees on the other. Your fingers gently submerged in water. Incredible.

Local friends, we’re doing this again Labor Day weekend. Come join us.

Have you guys tried something that you’d been obsessing about and it was as great as you’d imagined? Are you daring with your fitness challenges?

Holy Sh*t, I ran a 5k


As promised. The story of my first ever 5k.

Side note: I have roller skated a couple 5ks before, but this is the first time running one.

I actually signed up for this 5k, The Color Run because of a great discount code, superb marketing and the thought that it would motivate me to do cardio to prep for.


I went out on exactly zero runs to prep for this race. Because I don’t run. Don’t like it. Never have, and likely never will. I even bought high-quality running shoes to help in this “go run” thing. Nope. The shoes are amazing though.

The big “thing” about The Color Run (The Happiest 5k on the Planet) is that they blast you with colored powder at different intervals.  Ugh. Why did I sign up for this? I hate getting dirty and now I was going to mess up the shoes I love so much. Fuck you, marketing!

I had an incredibly awful attitude when race day finally got here. I considered just blowing it off. Who would know?

Well my husband and son apparently. Although we’d never spoken about it, they planned on being there for the whole race. Okay, so I had to run it. Fine.

There were a shit ton of people there. More than I expected. Of course, also not being a runner, I don’t own running clothes. So I stuck my phone in my sports bra. I was shaping up to become the dictionary definition of underprepared.

There was a Zumba class for warming up when I got there. I thought, what a bunch of los–HOLY SHIT ZUMBA IS THE MOST FUN EVER!

I’ll never make fun of it again. My mood instantly lifted. Before I knew it Zumba wrapped up and we were in a conga line headed to the starting chute.



Mike and I texted until I finally started so he’d have a good estimation of what was going on. He’s done a lot of races, so he knew how this sort of thing worked. I did not. I was in holding to start my wave for what seemed like an hour. As I looked around I saw families, and couples, people of all body types and everyone seemed genuinely happy.

All my pretenses were gone. I was excited to do this run. And I promised myself that I was dig deep and run the whole thing. Which I did!

Each time we arrived at a color station where they blast you with the color powder, it was a new wave of energy. I nearly died when we got to the blue and kids were rolling around in the color on the ground.


Every time I wanted to ease up and walk I would see something that kept me running. Mothers giving piggy back rides to their kids (seriously!) or people just laughing away while still running.

When I finally made it to the finish line, we were surprised with ticker tape! I’ve totally always secretly wanted to run through that. And my boys were there to greet me.

I was very, very sore the next several days. But it was worth it to know I did this small accomplishment.

Confession time. Have you used a race registration to motivate you to train? Did it work?

It’s Fitness Week!


Hey kids! Let’s do a quick check-in.

How are you doing with your fitness goals? Me? Um, I’ve been eating a lot of Dryers slow churned Drumstick ice cream. Because, fucking delicious! So for a brief time I was exactly 4 lbs aways from my goal weight. Now it’s 10 lbs.

My doctor mentioned to me that he was really surprised I had been losing weight, because a medication I take for my migraines increases appetites. I found this out while I was being checked out for a suspected allergy to carrots.


Turns out I have a pollen allergy and an intolerance for most raw veggies. So lame because I eat:
-half a bag of baby carrots
-a few stalks of celery
-a cucumber
-and a green smoothie containing: kale, strawberries, kiwi, peach (woo Palisade!), pear, banana, and then some random other fruit like an orange or blueberries.
Every day.

All raw. So raw carrots and celery are completely off the menu, and my smoothie has to be split up to make two days worth out of what was once just for one day.

Ditching carrots is a big deal, because I’m a person that craves crunchy foods. I cut out my beloved carrots about a week ago. Once I isolated them as an irritant I was smart enough to do so.

With all this new knowledge, I’m revamping my menu to be better for me. Turns out that eating healthy is not a one-size-fits-all.

I haven’t had a carrot since last Wednesday and the bloat and distended belly have pretty much vanished. Suntofabitch. It’s still totally flabby, but that’s what ice cream does.

This week, I’m going to share all the fun fitness shit I’ve been doing the last few weeks, maybe find one really great recipe and let’s all talk about what we’re doing. I’m completely not inspired by pictures of skinny ladies at this point in my life. And my body is just shaped different than it was before pregnancy. So I’m finding that my friends being really excited about things they’re doing to stay fit is motivating me. How cool is that? Real people being excited about fitness. You guys rock!

A week ago I did my first ever 5k! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

And this past weekend, I did SUP Yoga! (Stand Up Paddle board Yoga). Number one, I didn’t even know what SUP meant, I have never been on a paddle board before, and I had the time of my fucking life! I’m seriously obsessed. After 34 years in Colorado, I’ve finally found an outdoors activity I like.

My apologies to my husband. This is going to get expensive.  I’ll tell you about my watery yoga experience on Wednesday.

I’ve been doing Yoga in the Park all summer too!

We have so much to catch up on! In the mean time, tell me about what you’ve been doing in the comments.