Let’s Shop At Umba!

I am so thrilled to be hosting a virtual trunk show with Umba this month. I met Umba at Alt back in January and have been in love ever since.

Umba sells beautifully handcrafted accessories for you and the home. What’s best? These items make wonderful gifts. You know, for Mother’s Day or upcoming summer weddings!


Absolutely darling measuring spoons. I personally love little touches of whimsy around my everyday life. Just reminds me how wonderful I have it.


Such a sweet little pillow. Ahem, beautiful folks getting married be on the lookout for this.


I’m sure this is supposed to be for the kitchen, but I’d fill it with oils in my bathroom.


If you know me in person, you may know how obsessed I am with symbols of interconnectivity. This two-tone gold ampersand bracelet is lovely. Perfect gift for a mom.


Again. Home run for a mother’s day gift. And also a beautiful gift for a lovely bride.


Yeah. I die. I absolutely must have this clutch.


I love you guys, so I’ll tell you that I audibly squealed when I saw this necklace. Are you fucking kidding me? I really hope my husband shows his appreciation properly this mother’s day and by that I mean he needs to buy me this necklace.




Well kids, you know I always look out for you, so I have to tell you that Umba has been kind enough to pony up a free UmbaBox for one of you! You know the drill:

  • Visit the link
  • Find your favorite piece
  • Maybe buy it ;)
  • Comment below about why it’s your favorite and you’ll be entered to win!

XOXOXO, Happy buying.

Duncan’s Party Invites from Minted

Well after a lot of browsing and concocting ideas in my head, I finally picked out a beautiful birthday party invite for Duncan!


I got a little creative with the design. It’s really made for a 1st birthday. You can see how each box would be a month in the first year.

I just loved the colors and design – I couldn’t resist this invite’s charm. Seriously, what a fun reminder of how far he’s come!

Invite closeup

The cut, the address labels, the invite backing! Huge swoon.

name label

And of course, my shopping experience with Minted was impeccable. I picked up some other really great decor item for his party, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

I cannot wait to get this invite in his baby book. So what do you think? Did I get it right?


*This post contains affiliate links and Minted very graciously hooked a bitch up with these invited. Because Minted is rad.

Easy Citrus Water

citrus water

Now that Spring is officially here it’s time for some serious outdoors time gardening, playing with the punkin and well, some sneezing. Damn seasonal allergies.

I don’t know why, but it always makes me crave water with a hint of lemon. This year, since we’ve had so much luck with our Clementines, I decided to try something new.

Fresh Citrus Water! So simple you’ll wanna slap me.

2 liters of water  ( I get mine straight out of the tap)
1 lemon – sliced
2 Clementines – sliced

Combine all the slices in the water and twist a couple of each to enhance the flavor.

That’s it. Enjoy. The Clementines really boost the refreshing flavor of the lemons and add just a touch of sweetness. There you have it. It’s my go-to drink. I don’t really drink sodas anymore save for one when I get some delicious Chinese food.

Adding a bit of these fruit juices to your water can help freshen your breath, boost your immune system, get some vitamins all up in your shit–you know, all the benefits of consuming real foods.

It’s supposed to be a lovely week here in Denver, so I can’t wait to enjoy a glass while the boy plays in his sandbox.

The block

the block


When that word comes up, well, it always seems like something bad. But recently in a yoga class it came to mean something different to me. I hate to do this, because it feels like I’m choking up my English Major here, but let’s deconstruct the word.

hope | less

Simple actually. The removal of hope from a situation. Settling to accept that a situation is just what it is. No need to hope for anything different. No grass being greener some place else. Nothing better just around the bend. Where you are is just fine. Perfect maybe. Exactly where you should be.

This teaching came to me just as I was grappling with my injured hand. I was frustrated that I was so injured I couldn’t even go into downward dog without pain. I had to modify to the very unfamiliar dolphin pose.

I was hoping for something different.

Along with this, I’ve had this long misunderstanding of yoga blocks. Really since I started practicing 15 years ago. I always saw them as a sign of weakness.

I’m not even going to recap how very, very  wrong I was about blocks.  I’m not even going to point out the obvious of how “blocks” came to represent something completely about acceptance. How the blocks are really about forward motion. Nope, I won’t.

On my mat, we moved into a lunge pose and the pain ran straight up from my hand to my head. I couldn’t support myself on  my hand. The rest of the class was now releasing their arms into the empty spaces above them to fly. I was stuck. Grounded my by foolishness. Grounded by hope.

Finally I embraced hopelessness and reached for a block. I comfortably rested my forearm on the block and found my sky. I flew my hands and suddenly loved the block for what it was now giving me and let go of the idea that it was somehow taking something away from me.

With hopeless in my heart, I accepted that me, the block, my mat and the sky were all perfect. Exactly as we needed to be.


Picking the perfect party invites

Here I am four weeks out from Duncan’s 3rd birthday and party. Time to get serious! I’ve recently fallen head over heels in love with the Kids Birthday Party Invitations from Minted.

For instance, are you kidding me? How cute is this one?

Minted Cakeasaurus


And this one!

Comic Book Superhero | Minted


And since we’re doing a brunch party, I sorta can’t get this one out of my head.

Donuts | Minted


But for whatever reason, this invite is pulling at my heart strings.

12 Month Invite | Minted


I know it’s for a 1st Birthday, but it’s calling my name.  :)

I am so thrilled Minted has so many cute designs! Which one would you go pick?

Did I mention that Minted is having a birthday of their own right now? And that could mean major savings for you. If you’re looking for wall prints, business cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, or party invites head over and check out all they have to offer.