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Babies Really Do Ruin Everything: A Baby Shower Idea and Book Review

I decided to throw a baby shower for my friend, Erin. I adore her and she was having her second baby. From what I’ve heard, old school etiquette is that you don’t do a shower for second or third or crazy people babies (you know 4 or more). Buuuuut what if it’s a boy and the last baby was a girl?

Plus, it’s just nice to celebrate a baby and mama before that life sucking critter is born.

I was really excited to do a baby shower for her and her growing family. Erin holds a special place in my heart. She is the owner of the yoga studio where I teach and was one of my teacher trainers. She’s amazing. I figured as studio teachers we should throw a baby shower for her. Not all of us were around when her daughter was born, so it was a perfect chance to celebrate her motherhood and growing family.

I conspired with her husband (who incidentally, I’ve never met!). We picked the date and time and decided for it to be a surprise for Erin.

Right about the same time my pals Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson were debuting their book Babies Ruin Everything. This was also a huge deal because it was being put out by Macmillan kids Imprint! All the hell yes’s. Or is it hell yes’? Meh. Moving on.

So the story is about a sweet little girl who has her world turned upside down when a baby is born. And the baby is just the worst. Crying, being messy and slobbery and the gross stuff babies do. But soon she figures out that the baby can be blamed for things and ultimately team up to drive the parents bonkers. It’s a funny, clever and adorable story. Perfect for anyone adding to their brood. Also, people, this one child mother calls crazy people.

It was exactly the situation Erin’s daughter was in. So I decided to theme the baby shower as Babies Ruin Everything. Please note: that shit’s funny.

Babies Ruin Everything baby shower centerpiece


As you can see the baby and his red crayon destroy all surfaces within reach. The perfect decorations for a non-traditional baby shower.

The good folks over at Imprint were kind enough to let me use the illustration files for the wall art. (HUGE thank you!) and then I grabbed a spool of red yarn (is it called a spool?) and went to town attaching it to the walls. in my house.

You may be wondering why there aren’t any Babies Ruin Everything decorated treats and nibbles out.

Well, right after I finished decorating that morning of the baby shower and about to go get the goodies, I got a text from Erin’s husband. Erin was in labor.

Great. I had manifested the opportunity for a baby to ruin his own mother’s surprise baby shower with my tongue and cheek humor.

Poor Erin was in labor for basically days and we had to cancel the baby shower. Now, some bloggers would have faked this and threw all the fancy fixin’ on just for Instagram and Pinterest. But I’m not one of those bloggers. Real AF.

In the end, this was probably the only baby shower I’ll ever throw and a great success.

Grab your copy of Babies Ruin Everything here.

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