I basically just yelled at kids most of today

Not really, but I did have to use my theater voice where I project very loudly and with a deeper tone.

My goal for tomorrow is to smile more. Be a bit softer.

You know, I can’t help but think that there is some unrest happening in our school that comes out of the anguish some many kids from our school’s population are feeling right now.

Cause, damn.

We haven’t even talked about the dumpster fire that was last weekend in Virginia. And I think I’m missing a real opportunity for them to process the trauma. It’s been a few days removed, so I think we’re ready to talk. I think they need to know I’m here to hear them. To listen to them, to advocate for them, to be their ally and if need be accomplice.

I think, too, that I’m projecting some of my protectiveness on some of them and it’s coming across like I’m being extra hard on a select few. Or unfair. I’ve had some restorative conversations with them. I personally think that’s really important as a teacher because we’re wrong all the time. We are human and screw up. A lot.

We need to apologize to the kids and talk through issues and relationship build. Especially in my particular job.

We are on our 7th day of school.

I found out some really hard news about one of my students today and I still had to enforce boundaries for this student. Even though all I wanted to do was give hugs.

I did get a huge compliment today when the disctict behaviorist told me she knew I was teaching trauma-informed. That’s a pretty big deal for someone to come in and just pick up on that.

Other than the normal slog of the day, I’m pretty tired. Running a nonprofit is hard. We’re almost 7 months old! Wooot!

Lesson planning in a world where no one has ever planned before is hard. Yoga STEAM, what the eff is that? It’s awesome, that’s what.

Shoot, even setting up the lesson plans is exhausting and I’ve already run the pilot program.

Dishes always seem to fill the sink these days.

Fundraising is so hard and it sucks. Super, super sucks.

But the kids. I can’t wait to smile at them tomorrow and welcome them into my classroom. <3

Word to anyone thinking of following in my footsteps. Make sure you’ve got for the stomach for it.

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