The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan a review

The following is a review of a copy of The Big Bed by Bunmi Laditan that I received for free from Farrar Straus Giroux. There are NO affiliated links in this post because it’s time for Bunmi to get that dollar!

The big bed by Bunmi Laditan

I don’t think any momma gets it – like GETS IT – the way that Bunmi Laditan does. Her work on social media as The Honest Toddler kept me in stitches while my toddler was making me a crazy person.

Her third book, a kids picture book called The Big Bed takes on one of The Honest Toddler’s biggest goals: making it to the big bed for the night.

First of all, and you know I was going to start her. Thank you for another great book with a non-white, non-male character just being a kid! I feel like this form of narrative is finally getting far more prints and it’s about damn time!

The books kicks off with a no nonsense beautiful girl and her sidekick cat sitting Daddy down to have a talk about how he needs to be removed from the big bed in order for her to have the place in the big bed with Mommy. Now, she’s  “reasonable” and understand that Daddy wants to be in the big bed too. Because big bed. And Mommy.

I’m lucky enough that my big bed is still sought out by my son. Which is cute until you realize his big ass is 40 some odd pounds now and tall as all get out. Plus, my dogs also MUST be on the big bed to sleep at night. Again. Big bed and Mommy combo. I get it. We’re an irresistible pair.

As the story progressive our heroine must work to let Dad understand he has lost his spot in the big bed and will have new accommodations.

The book is clever (like you’d expect anything less) and sweetly written. It’s also got a couple of fall out laughing moments thanks to the cohesive and complimentary illustrations of Tom Knight. There are some gems in there!

The Big Bed drops on Feb 6th, so you grab it now on pre-order and get ready for a great story to add to the collection.


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