• FIXY Makeup Custom Blush for Alt Summit

Custom Makeup for Alt Summit: Blush

Custom blush. I know. It’s a dream. Or is it?

So, the older I get, the more I love makeup. It’s an interesting relationship I’ve developed with my creams, brushes, powders, mascaras, etc. I love when I find a color that is perfect for me, but I’m really fair skinned and getting my fair share of creases as I age. Also I still have occasional breakouts and an oily t-zone.

But I digress, because that bit has nothing to do with what I accomplished in only 5 minutes.

FIXY Makeup Custom Blush from MeanestLook.com

A friend of mine created this really fun product that recently launched. It’s called FIXY Makeup and the primary problem this amazing pink box solves is when you break your make up.

DIY fixes are garbage for broken makeup and I WILL cut your face if you try to tell me otherwise. Been there. Done that. Ended up throwing away an eyeshadow I loved.

But FIXY Makeup not only fixes your make up, you don’t loose pigment and you get a lovely tin and case for it. BOOM!

And seriously, PINK swoon.

Pulled a part, you can see the components. There is the grinder screen on the left. The tin holder in the middle and the press on the right.

Then on the bottom is the catch tray.

You gotta catch the magic somehow!

The other fantastic benefit of FIXY is that you can make custom blends of your favorite powder makeups. Which is what I did this afternoon. I made a custom blush for Alt Summit that is coming in just six weeks! Y’all, I’m a planner. I will not be waiting until the night before I leave to create a new palate for myself.

Here’s how it worked. I started my curry in my Instant Pot then grabbed my son to help with photos. He’s negative seven. And great with my iPhone.

Then I grabbed my two colors and began making magic.

FIXY Makeup Combining colors

I had a little left in my Hot Mama color and then a full color from another brand.

Scrape it all out using the tool included in FIXY Makeup. I’m not going to lie–it’s fun.

Then it’s time to grind both colors together with the (again) included tool. While you grind it the colors mix and fall through the screen to the catch compartment.

Grab the brush that come with FIXY Makeup and get every little bit of powder through that screen. It can get a tad messy, but nothing that a tissue, baby wipe or makeup wipe can’t handle.


And oooooo, my new custom color in the catch bin!

Find a hard surface. I used my floor, because I use my floor for everything. It’s hardwood. If you don’t have an easy clean up hardwood floor, then use a table or vanity. Decide which size of the included tin you are going to fill. I went with the middle size. Place the piece that holds the tins down, pop in your tin then gently transfer your powder from the catch tray to the tin.


Then spray the magical FIXY Makeup binding solution to the mix. Follow the damn directions, people and use the correct amount of pumps. This is so important because the magical spray doesn’t ruin your pigment. Other DIY solutions do. Keep your shit looking good.


Get the smoosher ready.



Or should I say PRESTO!

Because that’s it, and you have a beautiful custom blush thanks to FIXY Makeup.

FIXY Makeup comes with a magnetic palate to carry your new or fixed color tins in. And a mirror so you can always see how fabulous you look.


Five minutes and a custom blush color for Alt Summit thanks to FIXY Makeup.

I should mention. I have NOT been compensated for this post. I just fucking love this product. Clean up for your FIXY Makeup kit takes about a minute. You just rinse that shit out in the sink and move on with your life.

Next up, I’ll be making a couple custom eyeshadows and pigmented face powder.


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