Fall prAna Wardrobe Capsule #FallForprAna

This post is sponsored by my dear friends at prAna. All opinions are my own.

It’s really a pinch me moment every time I get a message in my inbox from my friends at prAna to work on a collaboration. My heart sings a little knowing I’m going to get to rock a new sustainable outfit.

And I’ve been lucky enough and have made enough personal investments that this fall I’m doing an entirely prAna wardrobe capsule.

To start off my capsule I got to grab two great new fall pieces to add to my collection (the Penelope Pullover in Lacquered Rose and the Sage Jogger in Moonrock.

Here I am at the school in front of my class’ big project “Dear Me.” What I love about this look is that it was great for work and then perfect to just keep on and wear to the studio.

I was having all the feels from teaching my last class at the studio while it’s still known as The Yoga Mat. 

After seeing how many pieces of prAna clothing I’ve been gifted and have purchased, I decided it was high time I did a prAna wardrobe capsule. I am fully committed to living a life where I support businesses who support organic fair trade cotton and sustainable and recycled materials for their clothing. I urge you that if you care about the planet and want a lasting, quality and gorgeous wardrobe to invest in prAna pieces. Here’s how my fall wardrobe capsule came out!

In my capsule:

  • The Uptown Pant in Black
  • The Uptown Pant in Coal (you guys, these are the most comfortable pants in the world!)


Go look great, feel great about your purchases and know they are going to LAST!

Grab some essentials and join me in having a gorgeous and sustainable wardrobe capsule this fall. Here’s a code for 15% off your purchase at prAna.com: GHML15 

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