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Hot Sauce of the Month: Fennelo

January is all about a hot sauce exclusively from Heatonist is Fennelo by Karma Sauce. This month my husband and I decided to figure out just how one could use this sweet hot sauce to liven up some dishes.

As always (and honestly, I don’t know how he gets me to agree to do this shit) we took our first taste of the sauce from a spoon.

fennelo hot sauce bottle


Yeah, all this thick gooey deliciousness at the neck of the bottle is fruity and a nice medium heat. (Medium heat is hawt to me. I do not enjoy anything above mild on the heat scale.)

Immediately you can taste the sweetness and notes of strawberry. Then the heat comes. It’s not a terrible heat, but too much for me. Still with the right meal, this sauce is a gotdern winner.

So we first paired it with chocolate cake. Because, cake.

Fennelo hot sauce on chocolate cake

It was so, so good. Which is why we decided to start a hot sauce of the month review anyway. It was that good. Plus we have a mini fridge full of hot sauce from Heatonist. I, IN NO WAY AM COMPENSATED by HEATONIST. I just really love them, their products and the people that work there. Hi Noah, Hi Krysty and the rest of Team Heat.

They had write a fucking note in hot red ink for every ecomm order. And sign it “Stay Spicy!” Seriously, how can you not love amazing customer service in today’s market of “go blow yourself?”

I’ll give you a full nerd out on how much we love them another day.

Back to Fennelo.

So we came up with some great things we want to use it on:

•Chicken and Waffles. I know it’s pretty obvious, but mah guawd that strawberry flavor with maple syrup and fried chicken skins. Vegans be damned.

•A bitter salad. Like one loaded up with baby arugula, spinach, romaine lettuce when it’s no longer poisonous, and some fresh fennel. Oh lawdy, that would be amazing. I’d mix a teaspoon of the sauce with a tablespoon of balsamic vinaigrette and oil. Then I’d toss that mofo and eat the shit out of it. Vegans, you’re welcome.


Fennelo on donut

That is a maple and bacon donut with a healthy serving of Fennelo on it. The husband (the true expert) said it was delicious and this combo really brought out the fennel flavor.


On a scale of Zero to Ring of Fire (and by ring, you should know I’m talking about your asshole. And if not, then you may have found this blog on accident.)

The Husband deems this one a Throat Warmer. That roughly translates to a true Medium in heat.

Have you tried Fennelo? What did you think?


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