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Kindness Journaling for Kids

Have you heard of kindness journaling for kids? For a gift this past holiday, I got Duncan a kindness journal to do with him. He is such a sweet kiddo with dark corners that hide his budding status as dictator or cult leader. So I kinda want to stay out in front of this and nurture the shit out of the kind and nice stuff.

Choose kind journal

As such, I thought a great bonding experience for Duncan and I would be to ponder what it means to be kind and spend the year exploring the idea.

He’s negative seven now (meaning he’s still six, but is only four and a half months from his birthday so…) and as such is at a proper age to explore journaling and reflecting on abstract ideas.

Kindness and compassion are lost so quickly as our kids grow. With Duncan and my students, I practice Bucket Filling and I think it’s a great foundation and solid way for kids to understand feelings, and treating others with kindness.

With Duncan’s negative seven maturity level, I knew it was time to kick it up a notch. I am so lucky that I decided very early on that I wanted my child to be compassionate and kind. I didn’t care if he was athletic or artistic or smart. Just kind and compassionate.

Because that was my intention from the start, he thinks kindness is cool. He thinks making fun of other people is the worst. It’s hard to even talk him into playing pranks on people. And he’s not kind because of a looming religious belief of punishment, or because mom or dad would be angry, but because he hates to hurt another’s feelings. Even when his feelings are hurt.

At my school, this really seems to also resound with my Second Graders especially. They are very into being kind and filing each other’s buckets. They seek out opportunities to do so even when I’m not anywhere around. Their classroom teacher makes a point of telling me and a smile with absolute joy. I am very tempted to start kindness journaling with all my lower grades to see how it works out.

The Choose Kind Journal is really great and I highly recommend kindness journaling anyone interested in bonding with their kiddo(s). You can start it anytime of the year and just circle back to the beginning. I am always astounded and educated as a mom when my son answers the daily journal prompts. It gives me great insight into his little soul and it’s really nice to snuggle up in our special spot and make time for it.

Let me know if you give it a try!

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