Let’s Shop At Umba!

I am so thrilled to be hosting a virtual trunk show with Umba this month. I met Umba at Alt back in January and have been in love ever since.

Umba sells beautifully handcrafted accessories for you and the home. What’s best? These items make wonderful gifts. You know, for Mother’s Day or upcoming summer weddings!


Absolutely darling measuring spoons. I personally love little touches of whimsy around my everyday life. Just reminds me how wonderful I have it.


Such a sweet little pillow. Ahem, beautiful folks getting married be on the lookout for this.


I’m sure this is supposed to be for the kitchen, but I’d fill it with oils in my bathroom.


If you know me in person, you may know how obsessed I am with symbols of interconnectivity. This two-tone gold ampersand bracelet is lovely. Perfect gift for a mom.


Again. Home run for a mother’s day gift. And also a beautiful gift for a lovely bride.


Yeah. I die. I absolutely must have this clutch.


I love you guys, so I’ll tell you that I audibly squealed when I saw this necklace. Are you fucking kidding me? I really hope my husband shows his appreciation properly this mother’s day and by that I mean he needs to buy me this necklace.




Well kids, you know I always look out for you, so I have to tell you that Umba has been kind enough to pony up a free UmbaBox for one of you! You know the drill:

  • Visit the link
  • Find your favorite piece
  • Maybe buy it 😉
  • Comment below about why it’s your favorite and you’ll be entered to win!

XOXOXO, Happy buying.

3 Responses to Let’s Shop At Umba!

  1. Jennifer Hensley says:

    Oh man. Cute stuff! The Madeira necklace would be perfect for this summer – I’m really into yellow this year! Also, my house could totally use a “Be Nice or Leave” pillow – No jerks allowed! xoxo

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely adore all the jewelry on Umba, but if I have to choose, I’d choose this AMAZING necklace!

    I love the detail and the uniqueness of the piece. It looks crafted so well and would go amazing with summer tanks and dresses :)

    I want to win this box and maybe I can talk the hubby into getting this necklace for me for Mother’s Day!

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