Microsaurs? Buckle Up For Adventure

My kiddo and I have been enjoying some major snuggle/reading time with the Microsaurs series from Dustin Hansen. The recommended ages on these books are for 7-10 years old. But my son and I started reading them when he was five.

The adventures of Danny and Lin are so engrossing that I think a five-year old (boy or girl) will love it as much as a kiddo that can read alone. What’s more is that it really is fun quality time.

To trek through the world with the cautious and clever Danny and also get to see Lin’s moxie and daredevil ways and love of mustard come together is a delight for the reader. Danny’s intellect plays so nicely into Lin’s bold nature that you know from the start that the two are going to be a great team.

And from a mom’s perspective, I love that Lin is a tough little cookie, never willing to back down. It’s nice to see the character written as a strong female supporting and encouraging an intellectual male. I often feel like we see it the other way where the girls have to be the brains. Not that Lin isn’t smart, but her confidence and grit shine through so well that it propels her through their adventures.

Danny gets to play the voice of reason often to Lin’s playful side. He’s usually about one second too late with his gems of wisdom, but they are there nevertheless. And it helps us understand the duo in more depth.

My favorite thing about Microsaurs 1: Follow That Tiny-Dactyl is that it’s cute, fun and full of techie talk that young readers are excited to gobble up. SpyZoom App? Oh yeah!

It continues on in Microsaurs 2: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack as Lin and Danny try to piece together yet another mystery involving Professor Penrod and tiny dinos.

Without giving away many details, I’ll just say that these books are great for kids that love adventure, dinosaurs, science, technology or skateboarding.

And triceratops’ named Bruno 2. Can you spot my dear Bruno 2?

Grab these books, get them on your kid’s holiday list, or grab them as a great back to school treat. And be on the look out for Microsaurs 3: That’s My Tiny-Saurus Rex coming in January 2018! Trust me, you’ll be rooting for Danny and Lin and all their pals so fast you won’t believe it.

And look what Dustin included for Meanest Look readers! A step-by-step on how to draw your own Honk-Honk!

^ How cool is that? Make your own Tiny-Raptor and put it up on Insta and tag me.


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