21 12, 2016

Yoga Flip Chips for Student Empowerment

During a hands-on assist training module I took with Giselle Mari, she mentioned informed consent and why it was so critical for teachers and students alike. I had not really give it too much thought. I personally think touch is a great healing power when clean energy is involved coupled with good intention. However, you

17 12, 2016

Gorgeous Gifts From Shutterfly

I found the most amazing gifts at Shutterfly this year for my out of state friends. Now, let me tell you why this is for my out-of-staters. I had to think creatively for them this year and I also had to have thing shipped directly to them. Now, I understand what day it is and

13 12, 2016

The Best Yoga Mat for Your Practice

When it comes to picking a yoga mat for your practice the choice can be tough . There are so many mats on the market, it's downright overwhelming when trying to pick what you need and want. The Basics I've done the rounds with nearly every mat on the market. Over the years my personal

7 12, 2016

Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

So this wasn't exactly the best year we've ever had around these parts. There were some great moments, but we also had a lot of loss and I spent most of the year recovering from three different car accidents. Yeah, no thanks. Finding the Perfect Card However, this time of year, I like to look

28 11, 2016

Holiday Sustainable Shopping with prAna!

It's no secret that I love prAna. And this post is sponsored by my dear friends at prAna. All opinions are my own.  All opinions are my own.  For my gift giving guide, I wanted to feature a couple of their amazing items that make perfect gifts.   First up, the Mariette Dress made of organic