13 09, 2017

Fall prAna Wardrobe Capsule #FallForprAna

This post is sponsored by my dear friends at prAna. All opinions are my own. It's really a pinch me moment every time I get a message in my inbox from my friends at prAna to work on a collaboration. My heart sings a little knowing I'm going to get to rock a new sustainable

12 09, 2017

Beautiful Sustainable Sponsored by prAna #mod4prAna

This post is sponsored by prAna but all opinions are mine.  Oh how I love fall! The best time of year to bust out that in-between wardrobe. Especially here in Colorado. It'll be 90 degrees one day that rainy the next and in the 60s. This year we're having a nice warm Indian Summer and

27 08, 2017

In Defense of Millennials

I am on the cusp of Gex X and the loathed Millennials. I personally relate way more to the Gen Xers. Flannel, angst, School House Rock, Grunge, Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour, Reality Bites, etc. I get these things on a real level. I'm not really connected as strongly to Pokemon, or emo rock or whatever that

25 08, 2017

Microsaurs? Buckle Up For Adventure

My kiddo and I have been enjoying some major snuggle/reading time with the Microsaurs series from Dustin Hansen. The recommended ages on these books are for 7-10 years old. But my son and I started reading them when he was five. The adventures of Danny and Lin are so engrossing that I think a five-year

15 08, 2017

I basically just yelled at kids most of today

Not really, but I did have to use my theater voice where I project very loudly and with a deeper tone. My goal for tomorrow is to smile more. Be a bit softer. You know, I can't help but think that there is some unrest happening in our school that comes out of the anguish