13 08, 2017

A Year In The Life: Kickoff

I had a friend last year that did a year in the life of a crafter where she posted like every day or something and it was a great way for her to do her thing. I think I need to pull back the curtain and share all the excitement, ups, downs and headaches that

6 08, 2017

Let Your Kids Be Anxious

I don't know if this is mean. I don't think it is. But I know some parents may find it offensive. Yo, different strokes. Here's the thing: my son is starting First grade in a couple weeks! Woo hoo! No more paying for school! He's starting at a brand new school. As in a school

18 06, 2017

Babies Really Do Ruin Everything: A Baby Shower Idea and Book Review

I decided to throw a baby shower for my friend, Erin. I adore her and she was having her second baby. From what I've heard, old school etiquette is that you don't do a shower for second or third or crazy people babies (you know 4 or more). Buuuuut what if it's a boy and the

1 06, 2017

Book Review: Everywhere, Wonder

feature image from Town of Chestertown. Week 1, Day 1 with my students always starts the same. We go over how the Rise Up Yoga Curriculum works, what it can do for them, we talk about my one classroom rule, then we jump right in. I crack open Everwhere, Wonder (illustrated by Robbi Behr and

18 04, 2017

Sponsored: prAna love for the Earth and you!

This post is sponsored by my friends at prAna (they provided some of the clothing featured) but all opinion are my own. So I have an active lifestyle. I'm a full-time yoga teacher, business owner, busy mom, and many other things. When I shop, I do my best to find things that will last for