When Parenting Sucks

Which honestly, is a lot of the time.

A lot. Of. The. Time.

My son is currently outside cleaning up dog poop. A task that we usually work as a team to do. But no. He’s handling it solo. Rule in the house is that if your behavior is poopy, then you get to go pick up poop.

Seems like an appropriate consequence.

He decided to try to blow snot on his father.

And we super sucked this morning. All we did was ask him to do his simple chores of feeding the dogs and then his dad made him homemade fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

And in return he blew snot at his father.

I had the next two day full of surprises for him. I was taking him to a puppy party (I KNOW), then to mini golf with friends, then movie night. Then tomorrow to a double feature of movies on our day off with friends.

But now, he’ll clean. The yard. All his spaces in the house. He’ll write an apology letter to his father. And tomorrow he’ll do worksheets and practice sight words and his handwriting.

And consequences are just that.

But the biggest part that sucks is now I’m missing out on all that fun stuff. I wanted to do see Black Panther. I wanted to go to a puppy party and see friends.

But he blew snot at his father and that cannot go uncorrected. Maybe I’m over correcting. I don’t have a guide book for this parenting shit. All I can do is help him to understand that unacceptable behavior will not result in rewards.

Maybe I’m a mean mom. I guess we’ll see.



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